Science Museum Oklahoma Workshop with Steve Spangler

March 02, 2017

Professional Development for Teachers Coming to a Science Museum Near You

The next time you spend a day at your local science museum, you might be surprised to find a few hundred teachers roaming the exhibits without a long line of children trailing behind them. Science museums around the country are becoming a hot bed for professional development opportunities for teachers wanting to learn how to create engaging, hands-on experiences for students in their classrooms.

The Science Museum Oklahoma has been providing professional development workshops and summer institutes for over twenty years, serving thousands of teachers who want to make science more fun, engaging and meaningful in their classrooms.

If you’re never been to a teacher training, here’s a quick glimpse at what happens when you allow teachers to wonder, discover and explore just like their students.

Teachers participated in over a dozen inquiry-based lessons that focused on strategies for integrating science into all parts of the elementary curriculum. “It’s exciting to see teachers who are eager to go back to the classroom with a renewed sense of purpose as they work to nurture and grow this next generation of scientists and engineers,” said Spangler.

“I’ve always been impressed with the leadership at Science Museum Oklahoma and their commitment to creating hands-on science training for area teachers,” said Steve Spangler who has been providing professional development for the museum since 2008. “Sherry Marshall, Eileen Castle and the entire Oklahoma Museum Network education team have become an incredible resource to so many science educators who are focused on growing the next generation of scientists and engineers.”