Steve Spangler on FOX and Friends New York with Super Slime and Spangler Science Club

November 6th, 2017

Fire Bubbles, Flying Pringles and Exploding Pumpkins – Steve Spangler Shares More STEM Experiences on FOX & Friends

NEW YORK – Potato chip cans were flying, pumpkins exploding and slime was oozing at FOX & Friends this week. Steve Spangler returned for a double-header of science fun on both the weekend and weekday editions of the morning news show. Viewers also learned about Steve’s popular STEM based kit of the month club called Spangler Science Club.

“The response we get from viewers whenever we’re on these shows is amazing,” said Steve Spangler, who makes nearly 70 television appearances across the country each year. “I’ll always jump at the opportunity to share any science experience that has the potential of getting people talking about the importance of STEM and inspiring this next generation of scientists and engineers.”

Steve packed lots of cool science demonstrations into the four segments. Viewers learned about the science of chemical clock reactions, the water-absorbing power of superabsorbent polymers and the evaporative properties of water that kept the anchor’s hands safe while methane filled bubbles went up in flames. Steve uses these eye-catching demonstrations as a way to talk about the importance of STEM and getting kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math at an early age.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Steve Spangler experience without a few pops and kabooms. Steve shared some of his signature science demonstrations using hydrogen gas to propel Pringles cans high into the air and explosive acetylene gas to push the face out a row of pumpkins. Yes… both the New York police and fire departments were on hand to enjoy the event.

Steve Spangler on FOX and Friends in New York with Super Slime and Spangler Science Club STEM Kit

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