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Science “Left Behind” in American Schools

You may have seen the recent commercials showing a child raising flags representing America’s standing in school ranking world-wide. I came across an article for the same campaign that shared some striking, but unfortunately not surprising, statistics. According to the “One Nation Left Behind” program, 20 countries outscore the US in science education and 93% […]

Going Green and Plastic Free

The BBC UK called our offices yesterday to get permission to use the Inside the Soda Can experiment, that I’ve done on 9News, for Chris Jeavans “plastic-free” blog. Chris is trying to live for one month without using any plastic products. As the soda can experiment proves, Chris is finding that this may be a […]

Science Chat on Irish Talk Radio

Sean Moncrieff is the host of the Afternoon Show on Newstalk 106-108 FM in Ireland. This nationally syndicated show features news stories ranging from the serious to the zany… maybe that’s why they called. While waiting for my segment, I listened to the show and quickly realized how much I want to speak again in […]

Cookie Magazine Loves Science

It’s not the first time the editor of Cookie Magazine wanted to get their hands dirty. Over the past year, we’ve been honored to get requests from several of the magazine’s editors wanting to find ways to make learning fun. You can see from the pictures above that Cookie Magazine featured several Spangler science experiments […]

Speaking at NSTA Boston Convention

I am honored to be invited to speak at the 2008 NSTA National Conference in Boston this March 27-30. In addition to the hundreds of concurrent sessions offered at the conference, NSTA hosts a number of professional development mini-conferences on specific areas of interest. I'll serve as the morning keynote speaker for the Science for […]