Magic in the Rockies 2009 – Hundreds of Magicians Take Over Fort Collins, Colorado

What happens when a few hundred magicians from all part of the country (and Europe) invade the quiet town of Fort Collins, Colorado? It’s a weekend filled with wonder and mystery… and lots of laughs. The stage is set for September 10-13, 2009 when nearly 300 magicians will converge on Fort Collins for an annual […]

Boom Splat Kablooey – Steve Spangler Science and Klutz Team Up to Create a New Experience for Kids

Little known fact… I love to juggle. Better known fact… I’m not that good, but that’s not a reflection on my teacher – a great book called Juggling for the Complete Klutz. This was my introduction to Klutz Press some 30 years ago – an amazing company with a vision for really innovative product. So, […]

Science Experiments on the Radio – Visit to the Dom & Jane Show on MIX 100.3

Got a call from the producers at MIX 100.3 in Denver for the Dom & Jane Show. These local radio celebrities are always up for something new… and it was my job this morning to come up with a few science experiments that would play well on the radio. What could be better than changing […]

Using YouTube to Teach Science – Videos Inspire a New Generation of Scientists

It’s not unusual for our office to get a call or two a week from the media about the Mentos Geyser experiment. Most of the inquires focus on how the reaction works or questions about MENTOS myths. When Tom Whipple from the London Times called, his interest in the MENTOS Geyser focused on the vehicle […]

Avoid an Audience Riot – How to Write a Great Introduction for Your Next Speaker

As a professional speaker, I’ve learned over the years the importance of a good introduction and how detrimental a bad intro can be to the start of even a good presentation. We’ve all probably been in an audience and experienced an introduction that is in itself a mini-speech. These are the intros that go on […]