Electricty Travels Across Generations – Hands-on Science Show Visits Windsor, Colorado

Michael Buckley didn’t wake up in the morning expecting to touch 50,000 volts of electricity, but he did… and here’s why

Jeff Francis and Steve Spangler Hit a Home Run at Coors Field… With a Potato

One of the highlights of Weather and Science Day was the look on Jeff Francis’ face – Colorado Rockies Pitcher – when I pulled out my potato “launcher” and told him to shoot it into left field.  It was like a kid in a candy store… The first shot was pretty good, it went past […]

Steve Spangler Science Sets New Guinness World Record at 9News Colorado Rockies Science Day

World’s Largest Physics Lesson We’re honored to get to say, “We did it!” With a final count of 5,401 people, all armed with Windbags, the seats at Coors Field were flooded with science as we set out to set a new world record for the the Largest Physics Lesson.  What a sight… a sea of […]

Dangerous Chemical Found in Homes – Dihydrogen Monoxide

Every year thousands of people die from exposure to Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO). Widely unreported by the media and virtually ignored by government agencies, this silent toxin remains unknown to the majority of people at risk. The presence of DHMO has been found in schools, businesses and even homes, and traces of it exist in toxic […]

9News Weather & Science Day at Coors Field – It’s Not Your Normal Field Trip

The Colorado Rockies, 9News and Steve Spangler Science teamed up to launch the first Weather and Science Day at Coors Field. Over 1,000 Colorado elementary and middle schools have already been invited to join us at Coors Field in Denver on Thursday, May 7, 2009 for a day of learning and baseball. It’s a field […]