SONIC Partners with Spangler to Create Educational Toys for Kids’ Meals

Another Spangler Science Lesson from SONIC® Drive-In Now you can eat a burger, drink a limeade and enjoy some cool science experiments from Steve Spangler Science at your local SONIC, America’s Drive-In. We’re excited to announce the release of 4 new books and toys created in partnership with SONIC as part of their Wacky Pack® […]

Speaking at NSTA Boston Convention

I am honored to be invited to speak at the 2008 NSTA National Conference in Boston this March 27-30. In addition to the hundreds of concurrent sessions offered at the conference, NSTA hosts a number of professional development mini-conferences on specific areas of interest. I'll serve as the morning keynote speaker for the Science for […]

Hose Burst Test on Live TV – Spangler Visits Gates Labs

All this week on TV, I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at Denver-based companies who each have a cool science twist to their business. The scientists at Gates Corporation invited our cameras on a tour of the hydraulic testing labs at Gates where they demonstrated how engineers test high pressure […]

Cornstarch Walk on Water – Get 2,500 Boxes of Cornstarch

Today’s most asked question is… How did you get that much cornstarch for the Walk on Water demo on the Ellen Show? Sure, you could go to the store and ask customer service for 2,500 boxes of cornstarch, but the better solution might be purchasing a pallet of the white powder from a food distributor. […]

Cornstarch Walk on Water Stunt – Get a Cement Truck

Mixing 2,500 pounds of cornstarch with the kitchen mixer just didn’t work, so we had to find a cement truck… and a very cool cement truck mixing guy. Oh, and you also need three people who know exactly what the cornstarch mixer should feel like when it’s perfectly mixed. Jeff, Carly and Renee served as […]