Weather and Science Day 2016 Explosion Header with Steve Spangler

Weather & Science Day 2016

The Colorado Rockies hosted the 7th Annual Weather & Science Day at Coors Field and judging from the contagious screams and smiles, the event was a huge success. The 4-H Science Team from CSU and the demo team from Steve Spangler Science joined the weather team from 9NEWS to provide a unique mixture of education and entertainment.

Logo for DIY Sci

Steve Spangler Hosts New Series – DIY Sci

PHILADELPHIA — Steve Rotfeld Productions (SRP) announced today that YouTube star and Ellen Show regular Steve Spangler will be joining its 3-hour E/I (Educational and Informational) syndication block Xploration Station as the host of the new series DIY Sci. The do-it-yourself, pop- science show is set to debut this fall across the country on Fox affiliates. The interactive series will follow Spangler as he uses “everyday” items to turn the world around him into a fun and unexpected laboratory. In each episode, he will demonstrate mind-blowing science experiments and explain how they connect to real-world innovations.

USA Science and Engineering Festival – 2016 – Steve Spangler Shares His Passion for Making Science Fun

DENVER – Best-selling author, television host and Emmy award-winning science communicator Steve Spangler will take stage at the USA Science & Engineering Festival to share a few of his favorite science experiments from his popular YouTube channel called SICK Science and his regular appearances on the Ellen Show.