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Parents' Choice Awards Silver Honor

Xploration DIY Sci Wins a 2018 Parents’ Choice Award

We are excited to have been selected as a 2018 Parents’ Choice Award® winner for our nationally syndicated television series Xploration DIY Sci. The Parents’ Choice Silver Honors are given to excellent products that are designed to entertain and help children develop universally ethical attitudes, and rigorous standards and skills. Or… maybe they just liked all of the messy explosions!

CITGO Fueling Education with Steve Spangler STEM Workshop

CITGO STEM Workshop Winner – Rockaway, New York

Mr. Schnall was one of 16,000 sweepstake entries for a chance to receive a full-day of professional development from science education expert Steve Spangler and his STEM workshop team.

CITGO Fueling Education with Steve Spangler STEM Workshop Lilburn Georgia

CITGO STEM Workshop Winner – Lilburn, Georgia

“Trickum Middle School is a perfect example what happens when things go right in education,” Spangler commented during his closing remarks. “When teachers, administrators, students and parents are all on the same page… all focused on making STEM education a priority… everyone excited about introducing students to future STEM-based career opportunities, amazing things happen.”

Inside-of-a-Soda-Can Steve Spangler 9News

Inside a Soda Can

Fast Company Article with Steve Spangler Doc McStuffins

YouTube Is Shaping Your Child’s Career Ambitions More Than You Are

Having spent 20 years engaging children in science-based education through online entertainment, Television appearances and educational toys, Spangler believes there’s a few traits that make the latest cohort of children unique. He explains that 20 years ago kids were unable to pursue self-guided exploration beyond what was directly in front of them.

Power of Ethanol Champagne Steve Spangler on KUSA 9News

The Power of Ethanol – Clean Burning Fuel

Ethanol is added to gasoline in an effort to make a cleaner burning fuel.

Color Milk Explosions Champagne Steve Spangler on KUSA 9News

Color Milk Explosion – Science Fair Ideas

With school back in session, our science guy Steve Spangler is joined by some young scientists with advice on how to create the best science fair project.

Science of Champagne Steve Spangler on KUSA 9News

The Science of Champagne – How to Keep the Fizz

Leave it our science guy Steve Spangler to look at the science behind all of those bubbles and to share some tips on how to keep all of that fizz trapped in your favorite sparkling beverage.