Pyro Peeps Sugar Turns into Energy Steve Spangler 9News

Pyro Peeps – Sugar Turns into Energy

While some people love their Peeps, others are concerned about the holiday treat that’s loaded with sugar.

Really Good Stuff Excelligence Steve Spangler Science

Really Good Stuff Acquires Steve Spangler Science

Steve Spangler Science and Spangler Science Club is acquired by Really Good Stuff, LLC, a subsidiary of Excelligence Learning Corporation, the Monterey, California-based leading provider of educational tools and solutions to early childhood and elementary teachers and parents.

Egg-Experiments Steve Spangler 9News

Egg Science Experiments

Great-Balls-of-Fire-STEM-Special-Effects 9News Steve Spangler

Great Balls of Fire STEM Special Effects

Liquid-Nitrogen-Cloud 9News Steve Spangler

Liquid Nitrogen Cloud

Conference on the Young Years

Acid-Breath science of acids and bases Steve Spangler 9News

Acid Breath

Heavy-Air-Deep-Voice-Gas-9News Steve Spangler

Heavy Air – The Deep Voice Gas