Steve Spangler on 9News

Denver's Brown Cloud - Convection Currents with Steve Spangler on 9News

Denver’s Brown Cloud

How to Make Spooky Sounds

Top 5 Halloween Science Tricks

It’s tough to pin down our science guy to just 5 ideas, but Steve Spangler has 5 amazing science ideas guaranteed to make your Halloween even more fun.

Dry Ice Science

Reduce Reuse Recycle with Steve Spangler on 9News

Reduce Reuse Recycle – Environmental Science

We’ve all opened a package filled with hundreds of those pesky foam peanuts. Leave it to our science guy Steve Spangler to create an unforgettable recycling lesson on the science of polystyrene.

Ping Pong Ball Launcher with Steve Spangler on 9News

Ultimate Ping Pong Ball Launcher

If you hear the sound of leaf blowers this time of year, it’s only logical to assume someone is cleaning up their yard… unless your neighbor is Steve Spangler. Our science guy is here with an air-powered plumbing project of sorts that you’ll be building with your kids this coming weekend.

Root Beer Genie – Science Magic