Come Back Kids Teacher Workshop with Steve Spangler

October 13th, 2016

Come Back Kids Teacher Workshop with Steve Spangler

Allowing Teachers to Experiment is the Secret to Amazing Professional Development
It was probably my fault. We were at the part of the teacher workshop when I suggested that it might be fun to hold the inverted test tube filled with water over the head of the person next to you. The air pressure pushing on the card is stronger than the force of gravity, so everything should be fine, right? Well, as the photo shows, gravity eventually wins every time.

But I learned so much more while visiting the Come Back Kids organization in Riverside, California. These teachers are focused on providing an education to students who, for one reason or another, decided to leave traditional school and now these much older students want to “come back” to finish their education. Student ages range from 16 to 23 years old. As the principal, Teresa Swickla, has done an amazing job of creating a team of top-notch educators who are not afraid to connect with their students through engaging experiences that are sometimes messy but always memorable.
You can see what I learned as the presenter by just looking at these photos from the workshop. When teachers are willing to put their inhibitions aside for a few hours, roll up their sleeves and really dig into the content, amazing connections are made. It’s truly what makes good teachers great – the ability to connect in such a way that engagement turns into a meaningful experience.
Oh, I also learned that some of my workshop participants get wet. Sorry.


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