Cypress Fairbanks ISD Teachers Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers

Cypress Fairbanks Teacher Workshop with Steve Spangler

March 2nd, 2017

Cypress Fairbanks ISD Teachers Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists and Engineers

Here’s what happens when you put 350 early childhood educators in one place and unleash their ability to wonder, discover and explore. It was my privilege to bring out Hands-on Science Boot Camp to the Cypress Fairbank ISD. Our training team believes that the secret to creating an engaging professional development experience is to allow participants the opportunity to “play” with a purpose… to build connections between new concepts and their existing curriculum and to unlock creative ideas that help to create unforgettable learning experiences.

“Cypress Fairbanks ISD set out to create a summer learning program to help ‘stop the learning loss’ and help students retain what they learned during the school year,” says LaTisha Bard, Primary Curriculum Coordinator. “After our initial training with Steve Spangler several years ago, our summer program leaders started using hands-on learning materials from Steve Spangler Science as a way to engage our students and make science fun. Believe it or not, summer school has become so popular with children that we’re running at full capacity with a waiting list to get in! Steve challenged us to create experiences that unlock creativity and provide children with the opportunity to wonder, discover and explore… and it worked.”

Preparing today’s students for future STEM-based careers can be a little more challenging that you might think. Why? Experts say 90% of today’s children under the age of 7 will have a job that is yet to be invented. The days of focusing on content and teaching the “facts” have given way to helping students build real-world connections and uncovering opportunities to extend their learning based on their personal interests.

I’m impressed with the leadership in the Cypress Fairbanks ISD as they continue to provide opportunities for their teachers to explore current trends in science education and to be on the leading edge of implementing best practices when it comes to student instruction.
There’s something to all this hoopla about finding new ways to make science fun. The name of the game is engagement, and it’s helping to plant those STEM seeds. The trick is to continue to water and nourish the early childhood sprouts to one day grow into a future STEM-based career.

Check out the FLICKR Gallery for more photos from the event.

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