Discover Five Secrets to Becoming
a Truly Amazing Teacher

How to be an Amazing Teacher!How to be an Amazing Teacher!

Keynote Presentation by Steve Spangler

What makes an amazing teacher?  Great worksheets?  Colored overhead transparencies?  What about those interactive flip charts?  Not exactly.  It’s not the things that make an amazing teacher, it’s the person.

Amazing teachers share one thing in common: they inspire students to achieve greatness by creating unforgettable learning experiences.  In his quest to better understand greatness, Steve Spangler has uncovered proven strategies and creative ideas for turning great teachers into amazing teachers.

How to be an Amazing Teacher is a laughter-filled presentation packed with Steve’s favorite eye-catching demonstrations, audience participation, and the tools you’ll need to truly be amazing.

Audience members will discover:

  • Steve’s five amazing secrets to enhance your curriculum and develop a more creative work environment.
  • How amazing teachers cope with change and use humor in the work place to reduce stress and rekindle the joy of teaching.
  • How to build connections between educational concepts, hands-on experiences, and real-world applications.

This fast-paced presentation is filled with Steve’s trademark high-energy enthusiasm and how-to techniques that are guaranteed to get the creative ideas flowing.

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