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Keynote Presentation by Steve Spangler

It’s true… not all teachers are created equal. There are good teachers and then there are truly great teachers. Understanding the differences in teaching styles is the key to learning how to turn ordinary moments into unforgettable learning experiences— the kind that kids talk about at the dinner table and remember for a lifetime.

The secret to becoming the best teacher possible is to learn how to engage students on a whole new level using creative methods that promote wonder and exploration. Steve Spangler combines his experience as a science teacher and an award-winning toy designer to create teacher effectiveness training that make learning fun.

Steve is no stranger to creating experiences that spread like a virus. He credits much of his creativity to spending time with his students while exploring in the classroom. What started out as a clever chemistry experiment using a roll of Mentos and a bottle of Diet Coke to create a soda geyser quickly turned into an Internet sensation that inspired a new generation of backyard scientists… or maybe just millions of sticky people.  When Spangler told the producers at the Ellen DeGeneres Show that he needed a cement truck, a swimming pool and 2,500 boxes of cornstarch for an upcoming appearance, he created one of the television show’s most memorable stunts.

When you’re teaching students, the name of the game is engagement… and it’s the skill that will set you apart from everyone else!

Creative methods that promote explorationLearning Objectives

By the end of the teacher effectiveness training, participants will be able to:

  • Teach with greater impact and conviction
  • Learn how to turn ordinary activities into unforgettable learning experiences
  • Become a more effective teacher without spending more money
  • Create “sticky” ideas that spread like a virus

About the Keynote Presentation

A word of caution… this is not your typical keynote presentation. If you’re looking for a lights off, projector screen-based presentation that concludes with five points and a poem, you need to look elsewhere.

From the moment Steve Spangler steps onto the stage, you know that this presentation is going to be different. The energy is high. The content is strong, and the audience focused interaction is hands-on, engaging and very fun. Guaranteed ooohs and ahhhs, but watch out for the flying potatoes!

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