Educator Effectiveness Training Reveals Proven
Strategies to Engage Even the Most Difficult Audiences!

Educator Effectiveness TrainingIf it Gets to the Dinner Table, You Win

Keynote Presentation by Steve Spangler

Good educators have lots of tricks up their sleeve. But great educators have the skills to turn ordinary tricks into unforgettable learning experiences – the kind that kids talk about at the dinner table and remember for a lifetime. Steve Spangler shares teaching secrets and strategies to engage even the most difficult audiences.

It’s true… not all educators are created equal. While many people can be taught to follow a script, the truly effective educators have the ability to use their specially crafted presentation skills to communicate vast amounts of complex information… and they make it seem effortless. In this session, Steve draws on his experience as a seasoned educator and professional science demonstrator (with nearly 5,000 presentations to his credit) to share some tried and tested strategies for building a real connection with his audiences.

Teaching secrets to engage studentsIn this educator effectiveness training, you’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid the three most common mistakes when writing a new program
  • Develop a demonstration that follows a story line with elements of emotion
  • Build a character that is consistent with the tone of the content
  • Engage audience members in a way that promotes additional learning opportunities throughout the museum
  • Understand the proper care and handling of volunteers
  • Turn ordinary demonstrations into signature learning events

Understanding the differences in presentation styles is the key to learning how to turn ordinary moments into unforgettable learning experiences – the kind that kids talk about at the dinner table and remember for a lifetime.  The secret to becoming the best presenter possible is to learn how to engage the audience on a whole new level using creative methods that promote wonder and exploration.

Steve Spangler combines his experience as a science teacher and an Emmy award-winning television personality to create educational experiences that make learning fun… and spread like a virus.

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