Easy Science Experiments


Denver's Brown Cloud

Cool, crisp, clean mountain air has long been an important reason why people move to Colorado. Unfortunately, the air in the city of Denver isn't […]

Heavy Paper-Exploring the Power of Air

Everyday you feel it but you don’t even know it’s pressing on you. You walk with it, you run with it, you sleep under it, […]

Squeeze Rocket Launcher

It’s easy to turn a juice bottle into a rocket launcher. How? Grab a few straws, some modeling clay, and an empty juice bottle to […]

Do Not Open Bottle

When you receive a package that says “DO NOT OPEN!” what do you want to do? Open it! It’s just human nature. Try this tempting […]

Floating Ping-Pong Balls and Flying Toilet Paper

Amuse the neighbors for hours as you make objects float in midair using Bernoulli’s Principle. Believe it or not, the secret to this levitation mystery […]

Soda Can Shake-Up

In some circles, it’s considered bad manners to shake a can of soda just before giving it to a thirsty friend. The unexpected w-h-o-o-s-h of soda […]

Floating Water

Is it really possible to fill a glass with water and turn it upside down without spilling? this clever science trick is a popular after-dinner […]

Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble

Create a soap film on the rim of a bucket and, with one other simple ingredient, you will have made the world’s coolest crystal ball. […]

Amazing Square Bubble

Soap bubbles that are not spherical are unusual and they don’t happen without a little help. Nature is funny like that. Square bubbles are easy to […]

Eye Dropper Cartesian Diver

Is it mind control or just a clever science trick? It’s a classic science experiment using an eye-dropper, a soda bottle filled with water, and […]

Straw Through Potato

Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, “Who comes up with this stuff?” No one ever uses a straw to eat a potato, but […]

Growing and Shrinking Marshmallows

A vacuum packer is an amazing device that vacuum packs food to seal in the freshness. At least that’s what those late night infomercials tell […]

Bouncing Bubble

With the Bouncing Bubble, that little puff of air trapped in a thin soap film will bounce. What?!?! It’s true! These bubbles are formulated to […]

Musical Straw

Music has been one of the greatest inventions in human history! There’s no telling when it started or what was the first wind instrument (one […]

Huff and Puff Challenge

Putting an item into an empty soda bottle is a piece of cake. Just drop the object through the mouth of the bottle, right? Well, we […]

Smoking Bubbles - Dry Ice Science

We know that dry ice is incredibly fun to use in experiments – it’s because of the awesome fog you get when you combine the […]

Talking Cups

From the soulful crooning of an R&B singer to the deep roar of thunder, sounds are created by vibrations. So, if you’re looking to make […]

Balloon-Powered Car

When it comes to powering a race car, there are a lot of options. Some cars use gasoline, diesel fuel, rocket fuel, or other combustible […]

Do it Yourself Weather Vane

Early weathermen and women didn’t use Doppler radar or computers to forecast the weather, they relied on tools that were much more simple. Take, for […]

Dry Ice Floating Bubbles

Exploration into the fascinating world of dry ice is never boring, and the same goes when you add in some bubbles! Bubbles will float on […]

Water Whistle

People have told us that we do things to our own tune. At first we didn’t know what they meant, but then we decided that […]

Buzzing Noise Maker

Do you like to make a ton of noise? The Buzzing Noise Maker experiment is perfect for you! The greatest aspect of the Buzzing Noise […]

CD Hovercraft

The puck used in an ice hockey game is designed to be nearly frictionless as it flashes across a surface of ice.  At a game center, “Air Hockey” uses air […]

Balloon Expansion

Here’s a great way to actually see how air fills more space and then less space as its temperature changes back and forth between warmer and cooler. You can easily […]