Easy Science Experiments


Fire Bubbles - The Methane Mamba

When is the last time you made bubbles catch on fire? Probably never . . . but then again, this is the teachers-only section of […]

Bubble Inside a Bubble

There’s something amazing about a bubble. True, it’s just a little puff of air trapped inside a thin film of soap and water but its […]

Homemade Hand Boiler

What would you say if we told you that you could make water boil with nothing more than your touch? Impossible, right? There is no […]

Bouncing Bubble

With the Bouncing Bubble, that little puff of air trapped in a thin soap film will bounce. What?!?! It’s true! These bubbles are formulated to […]

Amazing Square Bubble

Soap bubbles that are not spherical are unusual and they don’t happen without a little help. Nature is funny like that. Square bubbles are easy to […]

Smoking Bubbles - Dry Ice Science

We know that dry ice is incredibly fun to use in experiments – it’s because of the awesome fog you get when you combine the […]

Backyard Bubbles

The key to great bubbles is in the bubble solution. The best homemade bubble solution is made with glycerin and dish soap and allowed to […]

Dry Ice Floating Bubbles

Exploration into the fascinating world of dry ice is never boring, and the same goes when you add in some bubbles! Bubbles will float on […]

Bouncing Smoke Bubbles - Boo Bubbles

Bubbles are cool, but bubbles filled with fog are even more cool. Just imagine the cool factor going up tenfold if you could bounce and […]