Easy Science Experiments


Floating Water

Is it really possible to fill a glass with water and turn it upside down without spilling? this clever science trick is a popular after-dinner […]

Lemon Suds

Here’s a twist on a classic chemical reaction made for young children. Just squeeze a little lemon juice into the container and stir the concoction… […]

Instant Worms

Earthworms are pretty much accepted by most people but, other worms? Not so much! However, you can create a bowl of worms that everyone will enjoy. Squirting […]

The Leakproof Bag

Who would have ever thought that a plastic bag, some water, and a few pencils would have adults screaming with fear? learn how to poke […]

Red Cabbage Chemistry

Ahh, the sweet smell of science! This next activity is super smelly, but really cool activity. Plug your nose and get ready to make your […]

DIY Slime - The Real Recipe

It’s one of our most frequently asked questions… How do you make real slime? Ask any special effects artist about slime and you’re sure to […]

Insta-Snow - Erupting Snow Polymer

You won’t believe your eyes. Just add water to the Insta-Snow powder and watch as the liquid magically changes into fluffy snow. This realistic looking […]

Dancing Spaghetti

Who taught these noodles to dance? Go on – gather up some pasta noodles, turn up the music, and get ready for an old-fashioned pasta […]

Fortune Telling Fish

Are you searching for answers about your real personality? You know, the one you keep hidden from everyone? A simple plastic fish will reveal the deeper side of […]

Sink or Swim (Surface Tension)

There are times in science where changing one variable can be the difference between fire and smoke, conducting and insulating, and in this case, sinking […]

Holiday Fire - Red

Everyone likes to cuddle up next to a nice warm fire, but we couldn’t possibly settle for any normal fire. Why not make a more […]

Smoking Bubbles - Dry Ice Science

We know that dry ice is incredibly fun to use in experiments – it’s because of the awesome fog you get when you combine the […]

Incredible Egg Geode

We love to do “eggs-periments.” We’ve made naked eggs, put eggs in a bottle, folded eggs, and we’ve even shown you how to decide if an […]

Fruit-Power Battery

Voltaic batteries of all shapes and sizes are devices that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. You probably use batteries to power your cell phone, iPod, […]

Erupting Volcano

Volcanoes have shaped history and science since the dawn of time. From the ultra-destructive Mount Vesuvius to the more recent Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland (good […]

Borax Crystal Ornaments

Bringing real snowflakes inside one-at-a-time is next to impossible. The snowy globs on your shoes and gloves don’t count, either.  So, to work around this […]

Shrinking Chip Bag

We can’t get our hands on enough stuff to shrink. Faced with the problem of creating tiny chip bags, we turned to Steve. “I don’t […]

Oozing Pumpkin

Here’s a new take on our kid-friendly “Elephant’s Toothpaste” demonstration that fits right in with your Halloween party plans. With a few simple materials right from […]

Dry Ice Floating Bubbles

Exploration into the fascinating world of dry ice is never boring, and the same goes when you add in some bubbles! Bubbles will float on […]

Cornstarch Monsters - Vibrating Cornstarch on a Speaker

Mixing cornstarch and water creates an ooey, gooey substance that behavior both like a solid and a liquid at the same time. Scientists call this […]

Berry pH Paper

You no longer need to search for specialty litmus paper. Steve and his team have come up with a formula that will allow you to […]

Traveling Water

Spangler researchers use science to upgrade simple experiences. Making ice cream? Do it with liquid nitrogen. Need to blow out a candle? Use an air […]

Burning Money

Do you have money burning a hole in your pocket? It’s probably not a wise idea to soak a $20 bill in a flammable liquid […]

Footprints in the Snow

If you’re dreaming of a Winter Wonderland but you’re stuck in the middle of the desert this winter, then Insta-Snow is the perfect choice. Or, […]