Easy Science Experiments

Halloween Science

Color Changing Liquids with Cabbage Juice and Dry Ice

If a science activity bubbles furiously, belches clouds of water vapor while changing colors, and does it safely all at the same time, then you’ve […]

Spooky Halloween Drink

The next time you have a craving for a sparkling, homemade, carbonated beverage, make your own simply by drawing upon what you already know about dry […]

Dry Ice Smoke Ring Launcher

Inspired by Steve Spangler’s original trash can smoke ring launcher, this mini version uses easy to find materials to make your vortex vapor ring launcher. […]

Edible Slime

Slime is a staple of Halloween, chemistry, and science, in general. What could be better than stretching a glob of goo between your hands or […]

Perfect Fake Blood - 5 Easy Recipes

A few gallons of fake blood are just the ticket for your Halloween haunted house, for some innocent pranks, or for emergency preparedness training. The problem is […]

Screaming Balloon

Here’s an easy-to-do experiment using only a balloon and a hex nut from the hardware store. Be sure to buy enough supplies for all of […]

Dry Ice Crystal Ball Bubble

Create a soap film on the rim of a bucket and, with one other simple ingredient, you will have made the world’s coolest crystal ball. […]

Halloween Sounds - Screaming Cup

This is the perfect sound effect to carry door-to-door on your trick or treat adventure.

Smoking Bubbles - Dry Ice Science

We know that dry ice is incredibly fun to use in experiments – it’s because of the awesome fog you get when you combine the […]

Black Light Secret Message

Highlighters have a number of uses, from helping acknowledge important text to acting as brightly-colored markers in our favorite coloring book. Around Halloween, though, we’ve […]

Oozing Pumpkin

Here’s a new take on our kid-friendly “Elephant’s Toothpaste” demonstration that fits right in with your Halloween party plans. With a few simple materials right from […]

Dry Ice Floating Bubbles

Exploration into the fascinating world of dry ice is never boring, and the same goes when you add in some bubbles! Bubbles will float on […]

Glowing Pumpkins - Halloween Science

Just add a glowing powder to your Halloween pumpkins and you’ll get a spooky Halloween display without all the mess of carving.  

Bouncing Smoke Bubbles - Boo Bubbles

Bubbles are cool, but bubbles filled with fog are even more cool. Just imagine the cool factor going up tenfold if you could bounce and […]

Exploding Pumpkin

A chemical reaction is triggered inside the pumpkin, and the previously carved pieces explode from the pumpkin. This method is a favorite among chemistry teachers, […]