FOX & Friends – February 2018

February 19, 2018

Deep Voice Gas, Smoke-Filled Bubbles and Flying Toilet Paper – Steve Spangler Shares More STEM Experiences on FOX & Friends

NEW YORK – Steve Spangler returned to the FOX & Friends studios with more fun science demonstrations to entertain the hosts. Steve was in New York this week to release his newest toys and STEM products at the International Toy Fair. The producers at FOX & Friends booked Steve for a double-header of science fun on both the weekend and weekday editions of the morning news show. Viewers also learned about Steve’s popular STEM based kit of the month club called Spangler Science Club.
Here’s more information about the science demonstrations featured during his two appearances this weekend…
Deep Voice Gas – Sulfur Hexafluoride (The Anti-Helium Gas)
Boo Bubbles – Dry Ice Fog-Filled Bubbles
Flying Toilet Paper – Exploring the Science of Bernoulli’s Principle

“My goal in doing these television appearances is to create an amazing experience for the show hosts… to let them have fun and rekindle their child-like enthusiasm to wonder,” said Steve Spangler, who makes nearly 70 television appearances across the country each year. In fact, Steve’s work on television over the last 25 years has inspired a new generation of science demonstrators who are eager to share many of Steve’s original science experience on every kind of show imaginable.
“Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) was one of many science ‘entertainers’ who inspired me to do what I’m doing today… and I’m honored that my work in some way is influencing the next generation of TV science performers.”

Steve kicked off the segment with a demonstration he first introduced on the Ellen Show back in 2007 with a gas called sulfur hexafluoride. Breathing the inert gas changes the tenor of your voice, making it very deep like Darth Vader. Of course, this is not something viewers can do at home, but it is a very popular demonstration among chemistry teachers who can get their hands on the gas, which is six times heavier than the air we breath.
Bubbles are cool, but bubbles filled with fog are even cooler. Boo Bubbles are what you get when you fill a bubble with a ghostly carbon dioxide cloud. But Boo Bubbles are truly magical because you can roll them on your hands, bounce them off your sleeve, and pop them to release the burst of fog. It’s the combination of science and performance art that kept the FOX & Friends anchors playing.
But who could have guessed that Ainsley Earhardt, Janice Dean and Jillian Mele would have so much fun with Steve’s toilet paper launchers? Even when Steve tried to bring in a little science to the conversation, the flying toilet paper experience was just too much fun for the FOX & Friends team. It’s no wonder why Steve uses these eye-catching demonstrations as a way to talk about the importance of STEM and getting kids excited about science, technology, engineering and math at an early age.

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