Amazing Object Lessons for Leadership Trainers

The Science of Leadership™ is an online course that teaches you how to use eye-catching science experiments as object lessons to teach fundamental leadership principles in a most unforgettable way. Inflate balloons using only a single breath of air, turn a liquid into a solid with a snap of a finger, or turn your body into a human conductor of electricity as you build metaphors for concepts like goal setting, team building, organization, diversity, evaluation, motivation, effective communication and more. Harness the power of using highly engaging object lessons to teach lessons in leadership that students will never forget… guaranteed! That’s the Science of Leadership.

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Professional Development Delivered Right to Your Door!

  • No travel required!
  • Access 20 instructional videos with downloadable experiment guides and bonus content
  • Receive a $50 workshop kit delivered to your home or school – Enjoy free shipping!
  • Earn a certificate of completion and an option for university credit from Brandman University
  • Perfect for student activity advisors, counselors, youth leaders, club sponsors, camp directors, business trainers, leadership experts… or anyone who wants to use eye-catching science experiments to teach unforgettable leadership lessons.

Group pricing available for five or more – call 855-228-8780 for details.

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The Experience

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The presentation of this online course is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. It all starts with FedEx delivering the box of hands-on workshop materials to your door. From the moment you login to your account, you’ll be engaged as the instructors guide you though the step-by-step process. The lessons are divided up into 20 individual videos that are easy to start, stop, rewind and search for future reference. You’ll conduct each of the experiments and activities at the same time you’re seeing them presented on your computer.

Plus, you’ll receive an activity guide to accompany each of the videos with additional ideas for building leadership connections. Open the box of materials, log into your online account and get ready to experience the Science of Leadership.

Three Hours of Online Instruction and a Workshop Kit for $249

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Register for the Science of Leadership Online Workshop

Registration Fee: $249

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This is exactly what experiential learning should look like! It’s hands-on, visually eye-opening stuff that will solidify leadership concepts in the minds of your leaders. They will remember these “aha!” moments and use these principles for the rest of their lives

Lori Kiblinger – Kansas Association of Student Councils

I’m getting kids who want to come to student council just to see my Science of Leadership experiments! This is exactly the hook I needed to teach concepts that my students need.

Lisa Carlson – Denver, Colarado


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