Pick a Card – World’s Simplest Card Trick Using 10,000 Exploding Cards

Ellen Show Colorful Explosion

October 17th, 2016

Pick a Card – World’s Simplest Card Trick Using 10,000 Exploding Cards

Steve Spangler returned to the Ellen Show armed with experiments featured on his new television series called DIY Sci on FOX (also available on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video)… and a card trick finale that left Ellen amazed! When Steve’s new television series was announced in the trade magazines back in January, Ellen and her producers were the first to offer congratulations and to invite him back to the show to share the good news with her audience. Just another example of the classy people at the Ellen Show.
Experiments from DIY Sci
Steve opened his 19th appearance on the show with a collection of favorite do-it-yourself science tricks from DIY Sci. Ellen discovered a tricky way to keep a shaken can of soda from exploding when it’s open by controlling the location of the carbon dioxide bubbles in the can. A simple snap of the can just in the right place and the just shaken cans were opened (with a gasp from the audience) and not a drop was spilled. Nice trick.
The next science demonstration involved a 1-liter bottle filled with water, a Sharpie pen and a push pin. The words “Do Not Open” were written on the outside of the bottle and the push pin was used to puncture holes in the bottle. However, to everyone’s surprise, water did not spill from the holes until the cap was twisted off. Steve suggested that it’s a great prank to set-up at home while waiting for an unsuspecting victim to ignore the warning printed on the bottle and open it themselves. It was a lesson in the science of air pressure.
Sharp object and balloons are never a good combination unless you know something about the science of a balloon. If a balloon is punctured just in the right place, the sharp object can pass through the balloon without popping it. Of course, Steve needed to super-size the experiment using a giant clear balloon and a 3-foot long wooden skewer. Mission accomplished and the audience loved it.

Pick a Card… Any Card
As you probably know, Ellen is a huge fan of the art of magic, and Steve has shared some of his past experiences growing up in a family of professional magicians. However, he’s never done an actual magic trick on the show until this appearance.
Ellen selected a card from a shuffled deck and placed the card in her pocket so that neither the studio audience or the camera could see it. Only Ellen knew the name of her card. In DIY style, Steve created a “card catcher” by cutting a small opening in the bottle of a 5 gallon paint bucket, which was suspended from a rope in the middle of the stage. The object was for Steve to find a way to launch a lot of cards at the bucket in hopes of trapping Ellen’s chosen card in the bucket. The stage doors opened to reveal four 55 gallon, steel drums filled with 10,000 playing cards. Steve and his demo team (Jeff Brooks, Carly Reed and Bryan Higgins) used liquid nitrogen to trigger four explosions sending 10,000 cards flying toward the dangling bucket. When the dust settled and Steve retrieved the bucket, Ellen discovered that one card had been caught in the bucket, and that card matched her card perfectly! The look on her face followed by the exclamation, “Amazing! How did you do that???” was the perfect close to another action-packed Spangler appearance.


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