President Obama… Please Let Me Help You Make Science Cool

President Barack Obama held a town hall meeting at Facebook headquarters on Wednesday… and his comment about making science cool caught my attention.

“I’m frustrated by stories about how we can’t find enough engineers and computer programmers. That means our education system is not working. That’s why we are emphasizing math and science,” Obama said, noting efforts to “make science cool” for minorities and women. [Source:]

Here’s my open letter to President Obama…

Spangler Science Teacher TrainingMr. President, the comment you made at yesterday’s town hall meeting about “making science cool” kept me awake last night because I realized that I actually have something to offer you in the way of a solution to achieve your goal. I was reminded of Don Herbert (the original Mr. Wizard) who made science come alive for millions of kids during the 1950s and 60s. That was exactly what our country needed during the time that followed Sputnik – inspirational people like Don Herbert who made science fun for kids.

Today, we’re faced with a different set of problems that require creative solutions targeted not at the student but the teacher. It seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true… we don’t have to try to convince students that science is cool or fun. The secret is to focus our time and efforts on training teachers how to make science more exciting and meaningful for their students. It all starts with teaching teachers how to create more opportunities for young learners to wonder, explore, experiment, ask questions and develop their critical thinking skills. A teacher’s enthusiasm for any subject is contagious, and we need to create hands-on learning opportunities for teachers to make science more exciting and meaningful in their classrooms.

As you know, this is a huge effort that needs as much fire power as we can create. That’s why I turned to Ellen DeGeneres to help me show her viewers fun and entertaining ways to make science cool. Take a look…

Mr. President, I would love to share what we’ve learned over the past 15 years of training nearly 30,000 teachers in ways to turn ordinary lessons into unforgettable learning experiences. I know that you’re serious about making science cool and I think that we can help. Honestly, I’ll share anything and everything we’ve learned about training an army of highly motivated teachers who are truly inspiring their students to look at STEM careers – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Since you’re the President, I’ll assume that you can find a way to contact me, right? I really think that our team has something great to offer… please just tell us how.


Steve Spangler

Here’s a quick look at what happens when some of the best science teachers in the country share their most creative strategies and practices for making science cool. The experience is called Science in the Rockies.

Houston area teachers gather to find new ways to integrate more science into their daily routine.

Thousands of students and teachers gather at a world record-setting event with the Colorado Rockies with the goal shinning the spotlight on careers in science.

A quick look at Science in the Rockies 2010 – Real Science… Real Fun!

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