Science and Weather Day 2016 – Egg Drop Contest

Steve Spangler holds an egg

Steve Spangler’s Egg Drop Contest

Weather & Science Day – Coors Field – April 28, 2016

We’re excited to announce the Steve Spangler Science Egg Drop Contest on April 28th at Weather & Science Day. It’s the ultimate STEM challenge in front of 10,000 science enthusiasts at Weather & Science Day at Coors Field, hosted by the Colorado Rockies, 9NEWS, Colorado State University and Steve Spangler Science.

The three winning schools will be contacted on Monday, April 4, 2016. 9NEWS Science Guy Steve Spangler will also announce the three winning schools during the 4 O’Clock Show on April 4, 2016. Be sure to watch!

The goal of the traditional egg drop contest is to combine your knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math with creative packaging design to keep a raw chicken egg from breaking as it plunges to the ground below. What makes this contest exciting is the location of the launch site – Coors Field in downtown Denver, Colorado, home of the Colorado Rockies.
But how will Steve Spangler’s team hoist your egg-protecting contraption to the height of 60 feet and let it go, landing in the middle of Coors Field? Steve has enlisted the help of his good friends at Edge of Space Science to give the egg some lift. Watch the video above…

Egg Drop Contest Guidelines

You can’t have an egg drop contest without some rules. These rules are somewhat different from other contests you might have experienced at school due to the special location of the event. While the ultimate goal is the egg’s survival (no cracking), points will be awarded for creativity and innovation as well.

The Steve Spangler Science team will select three schools to participate in the event based on the list of participants who have already purchased tickets to attend the event on April 28, 2016. Only those schools who have been selected and received written confirmation from the Spangler team will be allowed to participate in the Egg Drop Contest.
Each of the three participating schools will receive an official box from Steve Spangler Science to house your design. The exact dimensions of the box are 11.25” x 8.75” x 8”. You must use the supplied box (referred to as the “package”).
No part of your egg protecting design can extend outside the supplied box. No parachutes are allowed.
The egg will be a standard, large-size, raw chicken egg. The judges will be responsible for purchasing the eggs and will give each team an egg on the day of the event.
The egg will be examined by the 9NEWS judges prior to being placed in the package. Please make sure that your design allows for the egg to be placed in the package right before the beginning of the competition.
The egg cannot be modified in any way prior to being placed in the package.
The box will be attached to a weather balloon by the experts at Edge of Space Science. The balloon will be hoisted to a height of 60 feet and popped. The box will land on the grass in center field.
While the ultimate goal is to design special packaging to keep the egg from breaking, points will be awarded for creativity and innovation of the package design.

If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Higgins at 303.798.2778 or e-mail [email protected]


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