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I love Science and I wanted to learn more experiments to do with my class.  This is my first time doing the conference, I loved everything about it.

 – Monique Naquin

Story Time Slime – Online Course

You can not miss this workshop if you have an opportunity to attend. Your teaching will never be the same!

Veronica, Early Childhood Options

This workshop was so very interesting, even for me as a grown-up. It is rich with things that fill the student with wonder and a desire to learn more. All of the lessons make a student want to run out and show someone!

– Marie Long

Story Time Slime – Online Course

I will use more science hands-on activities to connect with children’s literature. I ‘ve used the same old fizzing volcano or fizzing pumpkin over and over again year after year. I have learned a lot of new exciting experiments in this workshop. Experiments that’ll nurture their natural curiosity and it’ll surely help the kids be thinkers and problem-solvers. Let’s promote STEM to these future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians! The earlier, the better!

– Sheryl Cooper 

Story Time Slime – Online Course

I learned creative and engaging ways to make Science even more interesting and exciting, but Steve and his team took beyond that by connecting our favorite books with Science. It was AMAZING!!!!

– Lucia Ybarra 

Story Time Slime – Online Course

Steve Spangler is an outstanding educator and speaker who setting new standards in virtual learning. Steve is substantive, insightful and has important messages to deliver to advance teaching and student learning.

Peggy Brookins, National Board for Certified Teachers

Best webinar ever! Over 10,000 educators watched your amazing webinar this afternoon. Whenever you present for us, we call it an “un-webinar” because you’re unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

-Lisa Schmucki, Founder and CEO

Take it from someone who has been forced to sit through tons of educational webinars… Steve’s workshop is NOTHING like anything I’ve experienced in the past. Fun, engaging and connected to learning standards that I’m required to teach.

Online Training Participant