The Spangler Effect Spotlighted on NBC Nightly News as Top YouTube Education Channel

More and more parents, students and lifelong learners are turning to YouTube – not for funny kitty videos or talking dogs – but for education. Teachers are sharing their lessons beyond the classroom.

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YouTube EDU is becoming increasingly popular for online learning. Lessons from foreign languages to chemistry to algebra are available from top teachers across the world. Earlier this week, we shared our favorite education YouTube channels from the science greats to independent teachers AND students.

The Spangler Effect

On their July 1, 2013 broadcast, NBC Nightly News featured some of the most popular teacher channels on YouTube. Steve Spangler’s The Spangler Effect, was one of the top learning channels featured. In The Spangler Effect former teacher Steve Spangler transforms simple do-it-at-home experiments into unforgettable experiences. It’s an in-depth look at the science behind some of today’s most popular science principles.

Here are the other teachers featured in the Nightly News story –

Rob Tarrou
What started off as a way to help students at St. Pete High School has now gone worldwide. Rob Tarrou began filming his energetic math lessons from his house with his wife behind the camera. Those videos have now been seen hundreds of thousands of times, from New York, to Hungary, to Israel.

Alex Dainis
Alex Dainis is “a biology nerd, music lover, film geek.” She gets the ideas for her YouTube videos from conversations she has with her friends, such as: “Why do we get brain freezes when we eat ice cream too fast?” or “Why do we sneeze?”

Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson started creating videos for the students in his class several years ago.  A friend encouraged him to start uploading them to YouTube, and he says this has brought a whole new virtual classroom of students into his life.

Keith Hughes
Public school teacher Keith Hughes, who began using video in his social studies classroom in 2002, now has more than 100 videos on YouTube covering topics in U.S. history and government, political science and world history.

Kristen Williams
Kristen Williams realized that there was an entire YouTube education community when she came across the Vlogbrothers, and got hooked.

Loretta Scott
Loretta Scott teaches Japanese from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brothers John and Hank Green
John Green, YouTube sensation and New York Times bestselling author, has a quirky, fast-paced teaching style as he leads a Crash Course on The Fall of Rome, The Dark Ages and The Mongol Empire. His brother Hank Green explains topics in chemistry, biology, and ecology to name a few.

Rachel Smith
New Yorker Rachel Smith is a classically trained opera singer and linguist who now teaches ESL on YouTube as a career. Rachel is focused specifically on pronunciation. She has adoring students across the globe.

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