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Steve Spangler is a best-selling author, educator and Emmy award-winning science communicator who finds the most creative ways to make science fun. His science videos on YouTube video have more than 200 million views, and his books and online experiments are widely used by parents and educators to inspire young scientists to learn more about STEM-based careers. Spangler is a frequent guest on the Ellen Show where he never fails to surprise and entertain both Ellen DeGeneres and the Burbank fire department. But Steve may be best known for teaching millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of soda and a roll of Mentos into an erupting geyser of fun. Spangler has never strayed from his passion for creating unforgettable learning experiences that make science fun.

“Steve Spangler parlayed his talents as an educator and master communicator into a career where he turned television – and now the internet – into his world-wide classroom to inspire a new generation of STEM leaders.”

~ The Wall Street Journal

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STEM Challenge: Build a Straw Roller Coaster for a Ping Pong Ball! This is an awesome project - inexpensive materials and a fun result. LINK:

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The object is to balance a bunch of nails on the head of a single nail. All of the nails have to be balanced at the same time and cannot touch anything but the top of the nail that is stuck in the base. Are you up to the challenge?

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