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Steve Spangler is the Education Keynote Speaker Event Planners Trust… and Audiences Never Forget

“At the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, we’re lucky to have a longstanding relationship with Steve Spangler. When our teachers needed help with strategies and better practices for teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, we again turned to Steve Spangler. He’s an engaging and compelling speaker – and an outstanding educator who setting new standards in virtual learning.

Peggy Brookins, NBCT, President and CEO, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Steve Spangler is the Fusion of Education, Engagement and Fun

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Steve speak once before, but Saturday just hit a little different for me. There was a moment that I started crying because seeing the look on our participants’ faces… I realized that WE created this amazing experience together. Steve helped me rediscover my passion. Thank you for working with us and making sure we had “The Best Day Ever”!

Angela Cuellar – Director, Lake County Office of Education


What audiences SEE is a fun, high-energy presentation featuring some of Steve’s coolest experiments used to build connections between educational concepts and real-world applications. Just watch out for the flying potatoes!


What audiences HEAR is Steve’s masterful storytelling drawn from years of experience as a classroom educator, business leader and science communicator. Steve’s insights help audiences reconnect with both the how and the why behind what we do every day.


What audiences FEEL is a rekindled sense of hope and purpose. Steve will inspire you to connect differently, challenge you to think differently and commit you to engage differently as you set out to create your own unforgettable experiences.

“Over 10,000 educators watched your amazing webinar this afternoon. Whenever you present for us, we call it an “un-webinar” because you’re unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.

-Lisa Schmucki, Founder and CEO |

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Keynote Presentation

Best Day Ever – The Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences

Steve Spangler is the science teacher you always wanted in school. Without warning, things would fizz, pop and explode and the next thing you know his students were chanting “Best day ever!” But something else happened… amidst all that fun, Steve discovered that his students engaged at a higher level, listened with greater intention and were eager to learn more.

During this entertaining and inspirational presentation, Steve will teach you that the best day ever is more than just a feeling or emotion, it’s a powerful principle that helps educators create experiences that stimulate engagement at the highest levels and help students build connections that spark critical thinking and creativity.

In this presentation, attendees will…

  • Explore simple engagement strategies to build amazing connections
  • Unlock the power of the scientific mindset
  • Decode the untapped elements of STEM
  • Harness the power of purpose-driven engagement
  • Leave with a rekindled sense of hope and purpose

You’ll discover the secret to achieving higher student engagement is to create purpose-driven experiences that captivate, fascinate and stimulate inquiry… all at the same time.

By the end of the presentation, you’ll be inspired to connect differently, challenged to think differently and committed to engage differently as you set out to create your own BEST DAY EVER experiences.

Spangler STEM Conference Online Toilet Paper
Steve Spangler Juggling Hoop

Every child needs a champion… a person who is passionate about connecting and engaging at the highest level to create those unforgettable, best day ever experiences that change lives.

-Steve Spangler

Rave Reviews for Steve Spangler

“Steve Spangler captivated me for over an hour and he didn’t have to blow anything up. He understands the science of building connections and his message reminded me how important it is to create ‘best day ever’ experiences for my students.”


“Darn you Steve Spangler… you messed up my mascara TWICE in the same hour! Seriously, I needed to hear your BEST DAY EVER message more than you’ll ever know. I already called my principal and told her to get you booked!”


“The last few years have been so tough I was ready to leave the profession. Attending GYTO was my going to be my last hoorah – a 4th quarter hail-mary. Then Steve Spangler stepped on stage and 90 minutes later I wiped away the tears, called my husband and told him I had rediscovered my WHY. I never had a conference change my life like this.”


“When I heard Steve Spangler was on the program, I expected lots of cool fizz, bang, wow experiments. But I never in a million years thought that I would laugh… cry… feel such joy in the few minutes we spent together. Steve helped me remember why I became a teacher 19 years ago. Thanks for a true #BestDayEver.”


The audience didn’t know what hit them. Laughter, tears and deep insights that can only come from a real teacher. Your message was exactly what we needed to hear. Best Day Ever!

Battelle Education SUMMIT


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“Amazing content, best practices, and the perfect amount of fun and inspiration. Your keynote was truly the best we’ve ever seen!”

-Ohio AEYC

These breakout sessions are a perfect complement to Steve Spangler’s keynote presentation and a great opportunity for your participants to interact with Steve in a smaller, more hands-on learning environment.

All of Steve’s breakout sessions support these 5 learning outcomes:

  • Use engagement strategies to build strong connections between educational concepts, hands-on experiences, and real-world applications
  • Develop inquiry-based activities that strengthen critical thinking skills and challenge students to ask the important “Why?” questions
  • Integrate the 4 C’s (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) into every STEM experience
  • Become a more effective STEM teacher without having to spend more money
  • Teach science with greater impact, influence and conviction

Exploding Soda and Flying Potatoes – How to Teach STEM Like a Rockstar

(Audience: K-12 Time: 60-90 minutes)

How to Teach STEM like a Rockstar is a laughter-filled presentation packed with Steve Spangler’s favorite eye-catching demonstrations, audience participation, and the tools you’ll need to have a greater impact in the classroom.  Learn how use Steve’s five amazing secrets to enhance your curriculum and develop a more creative learning environment.  Discover how amazing teachers cope with change and use humor in the classroom to reduce stress and rekindle the joy of teaching.  Most importantly, learn how build connections between educational concepts, hands-on experiences, and real-world applications.

STEM for Little Sprouts – Connecting Science with Children’s Literature

(Audience: Early Childhood to Grade 2 Time: 60-90 minutes)

Early childhood educators know that getting children excited about science is only part of the challenge. Today’s young learners need more than excitement and motivation – they need opportunities to actually DO more science on a daily basis. Get ready for Steve Spangler to turbo-charge your sense of wonder and get your creative ideas flowing as he shares his best practices from classroom-tested activities that teach and motivate children to really do science.

Throughout the presentation, Steve explores a variety of techniques and presentation ideas for connecting science with popular children’s literature.  Explore a number of great science ideas that encourage children to “play with a purpose.”  Learn how to use elements of the story line to teach and reinforce fundamental building blocks of your science curriculum. You will uncover the secrets of developing your own unique presentation style that makes young learner want to learn more.

By the end of this session, you’ll be ready to create a collection of STEM experiences your scientists will never forget.

Amazing STEM Experiences on a Shoestring Budget

(Audience: Grades K-8 Time: 60-90 minutes)

This fast-paced presentation is filled with Steve Spangler’s trademark high-energy enthusiasm, how-to techniques and engagement strategies that are guaranteed to get the creative ideas flowing.  You’ll uncover the coolest science treasures at places like Walmart, Home Depot, the Dollar General and your local grocery store. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying, “How does he think of this stuff?”

Take home more than a dozen new ideas using simple to find materials, a little ingenuity and a splash of your own creativity. Learn how to create hands-on experiences that promote exploration and strengthen critical thinking skills while keeping the level of engagement and the fun factor at an all-time high.

Steve will also share some free online resources from his SICK Science series and the engagement strategies that he learned as an official YouTube partner and contributor to their EDU development team. Learn how to integrate the full catalog of SICK Science videos into nearly every aspect of your curriculum while supporting the Next Generation Science Standards. You’ll leave this session with the knowledge, presentation skills and tools to make science a favorite part of your teaching day.

If you are interested in adding one of Steve’s breakout sessions to your event, please contact Carly at (855) 228-8780 or complete the contact form to arrange a time to discuss ways Steve can customize this experience for your participants.

“Steve Spangler’s keynote theme – Best Day Ever – resonated all three days of the conference. Highest rated speaker ever.” 


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Amazing Early Childhood STEM Speaker

Leading early childhood conference organizers trust Steve Spangler to educate and inspire their attendees with his fun and engaging keynote presentations and hands-on science workshops. Steve is a passionate and outspoken advocate for early childhood STEM education who shares the most creative ways to get young children excited about science, technology, engineering and math.

Here are just a few of the early childhood organizations who turn to Steve Spangler to get their participants excited and motivated to create amazing STEM experiences for their children…

“The best early childhood keynote speaker we’ve ever seen. He changed the way our participants see, feel and think about STEM.” 

Who Should Hear Steve Spangler?

Teachers from all walks of life love Steve Spangler and his passion for education. His message about the importance of creating experiences that connect and engage resonates with anyone connected to education. Steve is a popular speaker at state and national education conferences, association meetings, school district events, administrator retreats, STEM conferences and any other event where participants are focused on engaging and connecting at the highest level. If you’re looking for the perfect way to welcome back your staff at the beginning of the school year, Steve Spangler should be at the top of your list.

5,500 Presentations and Counting

With over 5,500 presentations to his credit, Steve has earned the trust and respect of conference organizers and event planner from around the globe who rely on his ability to create amazing experiences that connect and engage audiences of all ages.

From the moment Steve Spangler steps on the stage, you know that this is not going to be your typical five points and a poem presentation. The energy is high, the visuals are wildly fun and the stories are filled with laughter that punctuates the deeper lessons of professional development and personal growth.

That’s why conference organizers and event planners give Steve Spangler rave reviews as the keynote speaker audiences never forget.

Best Day Ever is a Great Conference Theme

Conference planners and event organizers often use Steve’s Best Day Ever message as the unifying theme for their entire conference. Steve’s message of creating experiences that connect, engage and unlock a child’s creativity sets the stage for an event filled with learning and fun. Contact our office and let us help you customize an experience your participants will never forget.

What are Clients Saying about Steve Spangler?

Best STEM professional development I’ve ever been to – seriously! After the last 2 years… feeling a smidge burnt out and bogged down (uninspired), Steve Spangler completely reminded me why I do what I do. Got me excited for Monday, and who gets excited for Mondays?!?

Jacqui J. – Lake County Quality Care Workshop

Trying to put into words our Science at Sea experience is like trying to capture the true size and beauty of Glacier Bay with my phone. It’s not that easy. The excursions and lectures were all incredibly thoughtful, entertaining, and memorable. But it was the magical trio of Steve Spangler, Carly and Higgins along with the Science at Sea group members that elevated the entire experience for us. In the week we spent together, we learned a ton, laughed even more, and made countless memories that will be forever treasured. Science at Sea was everything we hoped it would be and so much more! It was truly THE BEST WEEK EVER!

Jodi & Ava Mei McMahon – Peachtree Corners, GA

My favorite conference of all time! Even though I am not a science educator, I got a lot out of this conference. I loved the hands-on parts and came away feeling energized and excited to work with students in the fall.

Patty Woody – Yukon-Koyukuk School District, Fairbanks, AK

You and your amazing team have created an incredible, three-day experience that inspired our staff with so many unforgettable memories. The gifts of awe and wonder that you gave each human being will be treasured for a lifetime. You helped to make me a better teacher for so many children.

Sandra Sanchez – Denver Public Schools

Steve Spangler - STEM Educator

Early Childhood and Elementary STEM Expert

Steve Spangler brings charisma, energy and innovative ideas to the education profession. Nationally known as a teacher’s teacher, Steve travels extensively training teachers in ways to make learning more connected and engaging in the 21st century classroom. Steve’s in-person and virtual professional development workshops focus on inquiry-based learning that highlight best practices for classroom teachers with research-guided strategies for purpose-driven engagement.

Spangler speaks regularly to educators and administrators at regional and national association meetings and over 100 private events annually. He challenges today’s educational leadership to provide professional development that gives teachers the skills needed to build connections that engage and inspire students to think differently and solve problems using a new level of creativity.

Who Should Hear Steve Spangler?

Teachers from all walks of life love Steve Spangler and his passion for education. His message about the importance of creating experiences that connect and engage resonates with anyone connected to education. Steve is a popular speaker at state and national education conferences, association meetings, school district events, administrator retreats, STEM conferences and any other event where participants are focused on engaging and connecting at the highest level. If you’re looking for the perfect way to welcome back your staff at the beginning of the school year, Steve Spangler should be at the top of your list.

Meeting Planner Information

Suggested Introduction

He’s a best-selling author, STEM educator and television personality who finds the most creative ways to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

He’s the guy who’s responsible for sharing YouTube’s first viral science video teaching people how to drop those little Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke. Today, his videos on social media have more than 1 billion views (that’s with a “b”).

For the past 25 years, his books and online experiments have been widely used by parents and educators to increase student engagement and inspire young scientists to learn more about STEM-based careers.

With more than 1,600 television appearances and multiple Emmy awards to his credit, he’s also a regular guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she calls him… the science teacher you always wanted to have in school… because the fire department shows up twice a year.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Steve Spangler.

Audio Visual Requirements

  • Wireless lavaliere (lapel) microphone
  • Projector and screen
  • Steve will bring his MacBook Pro (2021) laptop and all of the necessary adapters (specific to the Mac) needed to connect the video (HDMI or VGA) and audio outputs to your system
  • Steve would prefer to have his laptop on stage with him so that he can control the content
  • PowerPoint slides are prepared in the 16X9 format
  • Steve will travel with his own clicker (Perfect Cue) to control his slides
  • Because of copyright restrictions, Steve must use his laptop to deliver his presentation. He is not able to send his slides/videos in advance to copy onto a master computer.

Room Set-up Requirements

There is no one single factor that influences the success of the presentation more than the set-up of the room. Steve and his support team are experts in helping you finalize a room layout that accommodates his high level of audience engagement.

SET-UP TIME – Steve needs to have at least 30 minutes away from the audience to set his materials and demonstrations. Someone from Steve’s team will be on hand to help distribute materials on tables or under chairs if Steve is doing a hands-on activity with the audience. This will be discussed in more detail after the program is booked.

SEATING – The distance from the first row of seats or tables to the stage (performing area) should be as small as possible. Speakers often joke about Death Valley – the greater the valley between the stage and the front row, the greater the likelihood the presentation is going to die. When possible, please keep Steve as close to the audience as possible.

STAGE / RISER – The ideal stage/riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6 to 12 inches, and for larger audiences, a riser of 12 to 24 inches is appropriate. A stage or raised platform is only important if you want your audience to see, engage and benefit from Steve’s message!

ROOM SET-UP – A wide room set-up is vastly superior to a long room set-up. In other words, in a rectangular meeting room, place your stage in the middle of the long wall so the audience is evenly divided between left and right.

TABLE ON STAGE – Please have a standard folding table (2×6) or something a little smaller on stage for Steve to set his props and demonstrations. Drape the table to make the stage look great. If a waiter stand and tray are available at the venue, please set it next to the table.

LIGHTS – It’s important to aim as much light on the stage as possible. If the venue is a hotel, check to make sure the lights over the stage area are working… and bright. If the room has theater spotlights or any type of stage lights, please aim them to cover the entire stage.

NO NEED FOR A PODIUM – Steve will not use a podium during any part of the presentation. If other speakers are using a podium, please position it on either the right or left side of the stage.


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