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Join Steve Spangler for a one-of-a-kind online professional development experience that’s guaranteed to change the way you teach STEM forever. Steve Spangler’s Virtual STEM Conference is a must attend event for anyone focused on breaking traditional curriculum boundaries and exploring the power of phenomenon-based learning.

Steve Spangler's Professional Development

Who Should Attend?

This conference is perfect for educators, administrators and curriculum specialists (Pre-K to 8) who want to explore best practices, instructional strategies and high-level engagement pedagogy for inspiring students through STEM. Steve Spangler will take the fear out of teaching science and help you become a more effective STEM teacher… guaranteed. You’ll leave this experience with the knowledge, presentation skills, confidence, and tools to make science the favorite part of your teaching day.

“No one harnesses the power of phenomenon-based learning better than Steve Spangler! His strategies for turning ordinary activities into hands-on experiences opened our minds to new ways to get our kids really excited about STEM. Fun, engaging and totally worth the investment.” 

Devin C. / New Hampshire

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“Steve had me both laughing and crying… in a good way… inspiring me to be a better teacher and reminding me why I got into this profession. This was the best PD I have attended in all my 19 years of teaching” 

Riley Ellis-Toddington / Lethbridge

Here’s Why You Should Attend

  • Access over 18 hours of digital content, downloadable lesson plans and experiment guides for one year
  • Participate in more than 75 hands-on STEM experiments, demonstrations and design challenges that are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Receive over $500 worth of teaching materials and supplies delivered to your door
  • Learn at your own pace – stop, rewind, play it again
  • Explore new standards-based approaches and best practices to build connections that promote engagement and learning integration at the highest level
  • Earn CEU Credits from University of Massachusetts Global

As a second year teacher the thought of writing for a grant is a little overwhelming. The video gave great tips and tricks on writing for them and all of the positives that can come out of them! Thank you for all of the new experiments and tricks I can play on my students when it comes to science now! I can’t wait to see the “wow” look on their faces.

Aubrey Hunt – Buffalo, Illinois

I think “workshop” is probably the wrong word for Science in the Rockies. This is a 3-day experience that helps people share wonder, enthusiasm, and learning. It helped me remember how much I love learning and THAT is the feeling I hope my students remember long after they’ve forgotten the theories, rules, and facts they learned while they were with me.

Ellen Peterson – Gillette, WY

This was the best conference/non-conference I have ever been to! I really connected with how Steve presents the science content to students. His technique for working with students and learning how to engage them to use their critical thinking skills was key. As he said “If it gets to the dinner table, you win” and I am excited to “win” students over and foster young minds into teaching and STEM-based careers. #bestdaysever followed by #bestconferenceever

Mary Thaler – Statesboro, GA

We came with a diverse group of educators as far as age, time taught, grade level, and subject matter. All of us were inspired in our respective content areas about applying this hands-on learning approach in our own classrooms. On a personal note, all of the staff was extremely kind, engaging, and personable during the conference AND on the excursion, and I realize that they did not always have to be “ON” for us. I have my heart set on a spot for the Science of Iceland in 2025!

Sommer Lyons – Tulsa, OK

A fantastic opportunity for new teachers to experience how science should be taught and a “shot in the arm” for experienced teachers. I loved how easy it would be to integrate the lessons into the general curriculum with a bit of planning. The literacy piece from Dr. Diane and the grant writing tips from Covey Denton were a real plus. In all my 34 years of teaching, I have never experienced anything like this workshop.

Richard Thomas – Winter Springs, FL

As a 28 year veteran teacher, this was an outstanding experience. Steve’s passion and delivery motivated me to partake in all the hands-on opportunities in a collaborative way. Walking away with resources, materials and positivity that all things are possible when you have a great team behind you cheering you on! I would recommend this experience to all educators and administrators. Thank you Steve and family for a great adventure in the Rockies.

Jen Martel – Allenstown, NH

About Steve Spangler

Steve Spangler - STEM Educator

Steve Spangler brings charisma, energy and innovative ideas to the education profession. Nationally known as a teacher’s teacher, Steve travels extensively training teachers in ways to make learning more connected and engaging in the 21st century classroom. Steve’s in-person and virtual professional development workshops focus on inquiry-based learning that highlight best practices for classroom teachers with research-guided strategies for purpose-driven engagement.

Spangler speaks regularly to educators and administrators at regional and national association meetings where he challenges today’s educational leadership to provide professional development that gives teachers the skills needed to build connections that engage and inspire students to think differently and solve problems using a new level of creativity.

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What teachers are saying about our Virtual STEM Conference…

I attended the Science in the Rockies in 2017.  The best message I received from the Science in the Rockies was the energy and passion Steve and his team have to make science come to life in every classroom! Doug Hodous was that science teacher who changed the way Steve thought about science, now it’s our turn to be that science teacher to our students the way Doug was to Steve. Thank you again Spangler team for creating an experience that I can share with my students for many years to come.

David M.

Science In The Rockies was the best science/STEM conference I have personally ever attended. You get to teach us these awesome experiments in the purest platform! What I mean by that is – this conference was literally teaching in its purest form, all about experiences with no strings attached. As I wrapped up my 1st year of teaching, this really refreshed my love for science and I cant wait to create brand new science experiences with future students. I seriously wish every teacher that has a passion for making learning fun could attend this conference, it was truly amazing. Thank you Steve, and your awesome staff for the phenomenal experiences you created for me and everyone else. Hope to see y’all in the future!

Valerie A.

If you ever attend a workshop or conference again – you need to Make this one top priority. You will not be disappointed! You will walk away with more ideas and quality supplies than you ever will from any other conference. You will also never laugh so hard or be treat better.  Steven Spangler and his staff are very knowledgeable and very caring.  I will be attending again and possibly attend other workshops they have panned.  Not to repeat myself but you will not be disappointed!

Cheryl R.

Wow! What an incredible experience! After 23 years of teaching this is hands down the best professional development conference I have ever been to! All of the activities that were presented I will easily be able to take back and use in my classroom! Thanks for an amazing experience!

Susan G.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending Science in the Rockies with Steve Spangler. I knew it would be a worthwhile way to spend a few days of my summer, but I had no idea I would leave feeling more inspired than I ever remember being. Spangler and his team created an experience that will stay with me forever, and I cannot thank them enough. I enjoyed this conference more than my first time rock climbing and going to the Star Wars costume exhibit at the Denver Art Museum COMBINED. Thank you for making my summer, and sharing your passion.

Rachel K.

I have been an educator for over 25 years, and typically go to a couple of conferences/workshops a year. This experience has been the funniest and most enjoyable workshop I have ever attended, and it re-energized me for the new school year.  Thanks so much to Steve and his great team!

Juan C.

My sister Elise Saidler and I attended your conference Science in the Rockies. We are both Christian preschool teachers and we appreciated everything about the conference including breakfast,the shuttle and the hotel. We especially appreciated you, your family, your science teacher and your staff. This is my 14th year teaching preschool and I love science. I am so excited to usethese experiments to show God’s wonderful world to my students.

Joslyn M.

Science in the Rockies was amazing. It was a wonderful learning experience and just plain fun. Someone once said that education is not the filling of a pail but it’s the lighting of a fire. You have been lighting the science fire for years and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to learn from you and to attend your conference. Thank-you to your wonderful staff and thank-you for all of the supplies that you sent home with us. I can’t wait to use them.

Elise S.

Science in the Rockies was an engaging three day adventure into science unlike any other workshop I have attended! After 30 plus years of teaching, I have found the one workshop that will truly impact my students with engaging lessons for curious minds. The activities are well thought out and align with both the Common Core and NGSS requirements. My classroom will never be the same after utilizing the experiments and activities I learned during this workshop. Thank you Steve Spangler and the “Spangler team” for enriching my future science lessons and helping me to create a better learning environment for my students.

Connie D.

This was one of the best workshops I have ever been to. We were busy the entire time doing experiments and watching as Steve demonstrated different procedures. I gained so much knowledge and can’t wait to share it with the other teachers at school. Great experience and I would recommend it highly!! #BESTDAYEVER

Gina J.

Science in the Rockies was the BEST professional development that I have ever experienced!

Christie M.

Truly was the best conference I have ever been to. I will be doing a “science circus” night at our preschool back to school night- on a smaller. Ersion. Thanks for the inspiration!

Cheri C.

The most important message that I took with me from Science in the Rockies is to create an “experience” for our learners, and that is what I left with as well. I feel rejuvenated to return to my classroom (and my home with my 9 year old) and bring forth the wonderment and inquiry found within the many experiments you shared! Thanks to you and yours for such an energized and organized delivery. I recommend the Steve Spangler Experience to anyone who wishes to spread the spark of learning!

Michelle S.

Thank you to the entire staff for the fantastic 2 1/2 days. Everyone was so nice, helpful and professional. This was the most useful professional development I have ever participated in, and I’ve been teaching almost 30 years. I plan on using some of the techniques and activities with the faculty during preplanning and with my students during the first week of school.

Patty S.

Oh my! Where do I begin? As a before and after school child care provider and a Professional Clown, your workshop has given mea map of streets, avenues, twists and turns to take the children on adventures they will never forget and beg to revisit!Oh my! Where do I begin? As a before and after school child care provider and a Professional Clown, your workshop has given me a map of streets, avenues, twists and turns to take the children on adventures they will never forget and beg to revisit!

Marilyn S.

The Science in the Rockies is unlike any other training I have been to. Everyone is constantly doing hands-on activities, and Steve Spangler presents the material in such an enthusiastic way; Everyone is having a great time! The experiments and information in the trainings are not only fun, they are also very applicable. I went to bed dreaming about ways to incorporate the science activities into my 2nd grade classroom. This training will definitely make a difference for me in my classroom!

Hanna M.

What I appreciated the most was not just the cool demos, but how Steve could explain the science behind it, AND give us ideas of lessons we could use them for. The way you presented the Film Canister activity this morning was exactly what I am looking for – an impressive activity, AND how to manage a lesson, guiding the students through the scientific method without the process being too long/complicated.

Carine V.

Best Conference Ever! The Spangler Gang did more than wow us with great science experiments. They motivated us to focus on the experiences that our students will remember and take home to the dinner table! I’m excited to use Steve’s materials across the curriculum.

Tammy P.

Science in the Rockies was by far the BEST professional development that I have attended in my 17 years of teaching. I learned a ton, laughed a lot and feel much more prepared to add science into my school day.

Therese S.

I can’t wait to implement the great ideas I learned at Science in the Rockies into my art class. Your message about creating a STEAM-rich environment for our students inspired me to create units that will have my kids asking more questions and communicating with passion through their art. Thanks for making STEM and STEAM make sense.

Rosemarie B.

Science in the Rockies was a wonderful opportunity to rediscover the joy of wonder. It was jam packed with fun, science, collaboration and the WOW factor. My 7th grade science classroom will never be the same again. Steve Spangler is a talented entertainer, with the heart of an educator, and the mind of a scientist. This combination makes for an amazing learning experience.

Janel S.

Science in the Rockies was awesome!  Normally I leave teacher trainings feeling like my head is going to explode and not in a good way.  I felt the same leaving SITR, but this time it’s exploding with great ideas, stuff I can’t wait to try, confetti, and party poppers!  I’m so excited to get started using what I learned!  I only wish the workshop was longer!

Aimee S.

This was the best conference I have ever been to. I have so many exciting activities, labs, and inspirational leadership projects I can use immediately with all the equipment I need to do them. So far I have already used four of the activities with my summer class and they are so excited to learn more. I can’t wait to attend my next Spangler event and am crossing my fingers for Science at Sea in 2017!

Jennifer L.

Steve Spangler and his team are friendly, accessible, incredibly knowledgeable, passionate about science and teaching teachers, and have thought of everything!  Not only did we learn engaging science demos, experiments, and lessons, we also received resources to help us integrate science with reading and writing and help build leadership and create community.  Science in the Rockies is packed with entertainment, excitement, and education and is the best professional development I’ve ever attended! Thank you SO much!  I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned with my students (and my nephews) and to share with the teachers at my school!

Christie F.

As a teacher for over 30 years, I have attended more workshops than I can count, but yours was truly amazing. The presentations were engaging and exciting. Every teacher at my table could not stop talking about how we would use each and every activity with our students. We were so inspired!

Patty S.