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“Steve Spangler has the incredible ability to create inspiring and engaging experiences that helped our participants see, feel and think differently.”


Steve Spangler’s keynote presentations entertain, educate and fascinate audiences with insights and wisdom that help people think differently about creating purpose-driven experiences to connect, engage and ultimately affect change. That’s why conference organizers and event planners give Steve Spangler rave reviews as the keynote speaker audiences never forget.

From the moment Steve Spangler steps onto the stage, you know that this amazing keynote presentation is going to be different. The energy is high, the content is strong and the audience-focused interaction is hands-on, engaging and extremely fun.

Steve Spangler Keynote Stage

Steve’s Clients Include


The Science of Engagement: Building Amazing Connections Through Purpose-Driven Experiences

Whether you’re connecting with customers, inspiring employees or sparking creativity, the name of the game is engagement… and it’s the skill that will set you part from everyone else. Steve understands the science behind turning ordinary business transactions into transformational customer experiences that change business culture and build amazing connections.

Emmy Award-winning television host, science communicator, and business leader Steve Spangler is the science teacher you always wanted in school. Without warning, things would fizz, pop, and explode, making students chant, “Best day ever!” During his high-energy presentation, Steve will teach you that the best day ever is more than just a feeling or emotion, it’s a powerful principle that helps people uncover strategies for connecting, experiencing, and engaging in team settings. Learn how to engage at the highest levels to propel customer satisfaction and help your business grow.

In this presentation, attendees will…

  • Explore engagement strategies to build amazing connections
  • Harness the power of purpose-driven engagement
  • Apply the scientific mindset to business engagement strategies
  • Laugh, learn and leave with a re-imagined outlook on engagement

Best of all, you’ll participate in Steve’s signature style of engagement as he transforms the entire audience into a giant example of what’s possible when the learning environment is positive, purposeful and fun. You’ll discover the secret to achieving higher engagement in any setting is to create purpose-driven experiences that captivate and fascinate.

Why Steve Spangler?

Steve Spangler’s keynote presentations are themselves a powerful illustration of what happens when audiences laugh, learn and engage at the highest level. His successful careers in both education and business allow him to share insights and wisdom that help audiences think differently about using experiences that connect, engage and ultimately affect change. That’s why conference organizers and event planners give Steve Spangler rave reviews as the keynote speaker audiences never forget.

You’ll be inspired to connect differently, challenged to think differently and committed to engage differently as you set out to create your own best day ever experiences.

What Clients are Saying about Steve Spangler

Your Best Day Ever message was so relevant to the experience you created that the phrase “best day ever” echoed  throughout our entire convention days after your presentation. You changed the way our participants think, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Dan Maddux – Executive Director, American Payroll Association

Your presentation was the perfect way to wrap up our National Sales Conference in Denver. The energy from stage was explosive… literally! Your ability to weave examples from business and education was exceptional. You’re right… Best Day Ever!

Wells Fargo – Treasury Management

Steve Spangler created a scene… grown men and women on their feet laughing… participating… and totally engaged. Our membership raved about Steve’s high-energy performance and his message on leadership. He was amazing!”

The Special District Association of Colorado


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Your enthusiasm for getting 10,000 fans excited about science is infectious! Weather and Science Day at Coors Field with the Colorado Rockies was the perfect way to communicate our commitment to education and to support your mission for making learning fun. Can’t wait for next year.

Colorado Rockies

Steve Spangler captivated the entire VMI Corps of Cadets… and that’s no easy task. His enthusiastic and energetic presentation both educated and entertained our audience of visiting teachers, students and faculty members.

Virginia Military Institute’s Center for Leadership and Ethics

Take it from a room full of scientists and engineers, you are inspiring the next generation of STEM rockstars! Your presentation resonated with multiple generations of employees at JM. Your message is exactly what we needed to hear.

Johns Manville