Steve Spangler’s Television Show – DIY Sci

Steve Spangler Hosts 5-Time Emmy-Nominated Television Series Airing on Fox and Amazon Prime

Emmy award-winning television host and social media celebrity Steve Spangler kicks off season 6 of DIY Sci. The nationally syndicated television series is part of Steve Rotfeld Production’s Xploration Station, a 3-hour block that airs mainly on FOX affiliates across the country.

Past episodes of DIY Sci are also available on Pluto, The Roku Channel, Amazon Prime and Sensical.

The weekly series features jaw-dropping science experiments that challenge viewers to try the experiments at home, using easy-to-find materials. DIY Sci has received 5 Daytime Emmy nominations, including a personal nomination for Steve Spangler as Outstanding Host in an Educational Program.

“Steve Spangler engages viewers on so many different levels. Without question, his eye-catching experiments grab our attention, but it’s his humor and presentation style that really connects and engages the viewer to lean in and want to learn,” said Steve Rotfeld, president of Steve Rotfeld Productions.

NOTE: If you’re searching for the show on your cable guide or online, please use the search “Xploration DIY Sci” since the show is part of a block of shows under the Xploration Station brand.

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“When I think of “science experiment shows” on television, classics like Mr. Wizard, Newton’s Apple, and Bill Nye the Science Guy set the standard for all others to follow,” said Steve Spangler, who received his first Emmy for hosting six seasons of the nationally syndicated show News for Kids in the 1990s. “DIY Sci is a special show to me because the producers (Steve Rotfeld and Steve Bronstein) allow us the freedom to create an educational show that is truly educational, a bit nerdy, playful, surprising and always fun to watch. Most importantly, the show is true to the science – we try to actually teach and entertain at the same time.”

Spangler is joined again by his long-time friend and science sidekick Bryan Higgins, who is up for any challenge regardless of the mess. Season 5 addresses some of the challenges created by the pandemic for teachers and students who have learned to engage virtually. Episodes in season 5 look at the connection between art and science, how to turn your garage into an amazing STEM lab and there might even be an opportunity for Higginsworth to surprise Steve with his own special brand of science magic.

“It’s next to impossible to control Steve Spangler when you unleash his creativity,” said Steve Bronstein, senior show producer. “DIY Sci is unlike any show I’ve ever produced because the script is sometimes a mere suggestion. I learned to keep the cameras rolling when Steve and Higgins start to play. That’s what makes my job and the job of the editors so difficult… how to turn hours of great show content into 30 minutes for television.”

Carly Reed is an associate producer who has the job of turning experiment ideas into something the crew can capture on video. “I’ve worked as Steve’s business manager for 19 years, so I’ve learned how to harness his creativity and pull together the people and resources to make it all work. Most of all, I love hearing from teachers and fans of the show who share photos and videos of experiments they’ve re-created from the show.”

“As a science teacher of 40+ years, I’m thrilled to work as a science consultant on the show,” said Bruce Yeany, an award-winning science educator from Pennsylvania. “Steve and I have been friends for years, and he always seems to find a way to pull me into these crazy projects… and I love it.” Two episodes in season 3 of DIY Sci were filmed on location at Yeany’s “science garage” just outside of Philadelphia. Yeany has served as a consultant and technical advisor on The Spangler Effect, the Ellen Show, and Spangler’s on-going social media channels.

DIY Sci has received 5 Daytime Emmy nominations, including a personal nomination for Steve Spangler as Outstanding Host in an Educational Program. The show is part of a 3-hour E/I (Educational and Informational) syndication block called Xploration Station created by Steve Rotfeld Productions (SRP). In addition to the FOX Station Group, Xploration Station airs on Nexstar’s FOX affiliates and Sinclair’s FOX affiliates. These groups, plus others, combine to deliver Xploration Station in over 90% of the country reaching over 100 million people this year. DIY Sci is also streamed on Amazon Prime, Roku, and other streaming platforms.

About Steve Spangler

Spangler outgrew his traditional classroom with the advent of the internet. His science videos on social media have more than a billion views with over 3 million subscribers to his channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. As the founder of Steve Spangler Science, his popular line of science toys, books and hands-on kits are available in over 2,500 stores throughout the country. Spangler is also a regular guest on the Ellen Show where he never misses an opportunity to turn the simplest science experiment into a super-sized, unforgettable (and often messy) learning experience. Steve Spangler serves as both host and executive producer.

About Steve Rotfeld Productions

SRP has been producing and distributing content for 35 years. In addition to Xploration Station, SRP has produced shows including The Haney Project on Golf Channel, Wild Weddings for TLC, Wild About AnimalsAwesome AdventuresThe Lighter Side of Sports for ESPN, and Greatest Sports Legends for which Steve Rotfeld won an Emmy Award for writing.

Carly Reed and Bryan Higgins from the Spangler team serve as show producers. Bruce Yeany serves as a technical advisor and content contributor. Steve Bronstein is the show runner and senior producer.