Steve Spangler’s Everyday STEM Teacher Workshop (K-8)

Unleash the Power of STEM in Your Classroom

The Everyday STEM workshop experience is perfect for Pre-K to 8th-grade teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators who are focused on best practices and innovative strategies for getting students excited and engaged in the four pillars of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

In this one-day workshop, you will engage in over 30 hands-on STEM activities that are ready for immediate implementation in your classroom. These activities are not only engaging but also deeply rooted in the ‘why’ behind each concept, fostering a stronger connection and enthusiasm for STEM subjects among your students. You will leave the workshop equipped with a comprehensive toolkit and effective strategies, enabling you to create memorable STEM experiences from the very next day.

  • Gain a fresh perspective on the transformative power of turning activities into unforgettable experiences.
  • Uncover the emotional “why” behind STEM education.
  • Explore best practices, instructional strategies, and high-level engagement techniques.
  • Strengthen skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.
  • Understand the ‘why’ behind each activity, fostering a deeper connection and enthusiasm for STEM subjects.
  • Acquire presentation skills and tools to increase engagement and inspire students to consider STEM-based careers.

Here’s What Happens – Watch the Video

“The emails I received after your workshop were filled with authentic comments like ‘best STEM PD ever’ and ‘Steve Spangler inspired me to be a better teacher.’ Orange County Public Schools is grateful for our continued partnership.”

Jill Adcock, Senior Administrator, Elementary Science, Orange County Public Schools

Workshop Curriculum Highlights

  • Hands-on Science: Participate in more than 30 ready-to-use science activities that are inquiry-based, standard-related, and kid-tested.
  • Take-Home Science Kit: Leave with a kit of hands-on supplies to share the lessons the very next day.
  • Engage with Inquiry-Based Science: Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills using the scientific method.
  • Making the Science & Literature Connection: Use elements of popular children’s literature to reinforce fundamental building blocks of the science curriculum.
  • Science as a Writing Prompt: Use exciting experiments as daily writing prompts, encouraging creativity and expression in your students.
  • Safety First: Develop classroom safety procedures to ensure a secure learning environment.
  • Confidence in Teaching: Take away the knowledge, preparation, tools, and confidence to become the best science teacher possible.

Hands-on Learning Experience

This workshop is hands-on from the moment it starts. Steve Spangler’s interactive teaching style will have you up and moving, exploring new concepts and building connections between presentation strategies and high content learning. You’ll learn the science behind the fun while practicing how to present the science activities in your classroom. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to use Steve Spangler’s unique strategies for turning ordinary activities into practical experiences that teach solid STEM.

Take-Home Teacher Workshop Kit

You will receive a STEM Workshop Kit filled with gizmos, gadgets, and learning tools that will allow you to practice dozens of amazing and simple science activities with Steve during the workshop. The kit is yours to take home, along with a comprehensive lesson guide to help you implement creative science teaching to get your students excited about science.

Become a More Confident STEM Teacher

What makes this training experience different? Steve uses a successful model of motivating and teaching with captivating demonstrations and eye-catching learning tools while remaining focused on the real science that is being taught. The inquiry strategies in each exercise prompt students to think more like scientists and to solve challenging problems using the scientific method. Best of all, you’ll leave this experience with the knowledge, presentation skills, strategies, tools and commitment to make science an integral part of your teaching day.

Here’s What Teachers Are Saying About Steve Spangler’s Everyday STEM Workshop

You did more than just teach us about your “best day ever” principle – you made it happen for me and my staff. One of my teachers who attended the workshop was planning to request a transfer to another campus next year because she had lost her passion for teaching. She told me this morning that you helped her rediscover her “why” and that’s why she has decided to stay at our school. This brought me to tears because we get to keep an outstanding teacher, and I’m equally grateful for you helping all of my other teachers renew their passion for learning and teaching.

Betsy Fluellen – Mount Pleasant Independent School District

Beyond wow… how can I begin to thank you for inspiring teachers after what has been an incredibly challenging time for our staff. You gave us much-needed fire and passion, and you helped us re-imagine how we MUST connect and engage with our children. I’m blown away by passion and mission to empower teachers to go out and create “BEST DAY EVER” experiences for kids.

Ashleigh Brateman – Littleton Public Schools

I can’t thank you and your team enough for the BEST DAY EVER experience you created for our staff. Your inspirational approach will have a profound impact on how our teachers create experiences for our young learners in the future.

Karen Knowles – North Dakota Head Start

Steve Spangler’s Everyday STEM workshop was exceptional… so fun and intriguing. This is the boost our teachers needed on every level. But the bigger impact was Steve’s ability to connect with our teachers and remind them why they teach. Powerful. My teachers gave you the title of EduHERO!

Adam Baker, Principal – Washington County School District

This will be the BEST and most relevant professional development you’ll ever attend! You will explore, laugh, and have a blast learning! This workshop will make a huge difference for your students!

Sherbet Myers – Fort Smith, Arkansas

Fun and engaging! If you want to learn new strategies for engaging your students this is the online workshop for you. Your students will fall in love with Science.

Christine Holcomb – White House, Tennessee

Steve is the most engaging and entertaining presenter. This was our third year having him train our prekindergarten teachers and we could not ask for a better way to kick off the school year. Not only are the experiences fun and full of learning, teachers are hands on from start to finish—just how we expect them to teach in their classrooms.

Michele Olsen – Terrebonne Parish School District, Louisiana

You did exactly what we wanted… you helped our teachers remember how valuable they are to our district and the community they serve. Your Everyday STEM workshop was a fabulous way for us to kick off a new school year. Thanks so much for coming to rural Tennessee.


Betty Jordan – Instructional Supervisor, Benton County Schools, TN

Steve made it fun, easy and the concepts so approachable and understandable that I am finally doing and enjoying science activities with my students. He talked about creating “transformational experiences,” well he did it on me.

Kendra Hensington-Palmer

Steve Spangler - STEM Educator

STEM Expert – Pre-K Through Middle School

Steve Spangler brings charisma, energy and innovative ideas to the education profession. Nationally known as a teacher’s teacher, Steve travels extensively training teachers in ways to make learning more connected and engaging in the 21st century classroom. Steve’s in-person and virtual professional development workshops focus on inquiry-based learning that highlight best practices for classroom teachers with research-guided strategies for purpose-driven engagement.

Spangler speaks regularly to educators and administrators at regional and national association meetings and over 100 private events annually. He challenges today’s educational leadership to provide professional development that gives teachers the skills needed to build connections that engage and inspire students to think differently and solve problems using a new level of creativity.

Who Should Hear Steve Spangler?

Teachers from all walks of life love Steve Spangler and his passion for education. His message about the importance of creating experiences that connect and engage resonates with anyone connected to education. Steve is a popular speaker at state and national education conferences, association meetings, school district events, administrator retreats, STEM conferences and any other event where participants are focused on engaging and connecting at the highest level. If you’re looking for the perfect way to welcome back your staff at the beginning of the school year, Steve Spangler should be at the top of your list.

Learn more about Steve

This hands-on professional development workshop experience is offered in-person or in a live virtual format. Contact Carly Reed at [email protected] or call (855) 228-8780 to inquire about pricing and availability.

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