Virtual Science Assemblies
& Class Visits

Bring Steve Spangler to Your School!

Bring Steve Spangler to your school for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect and engage with one of America’s best-known science educators. Many students know Steve from his television show called DIY Sci, frequent appearances on the Ellen Show or his popular videos on YouTube and social media. Steve’s online videos now have over 1 billion views!

Whether you’re looking for a small, one-on-one experience or a larger-scale presentation for the entire school, Steve has an amazing ability to have students of all ages laughing and learning from the moment you connect.

Virtual Science Assemblies

45 Minutes of Amazing Science Guaranteed to Inspire Critical Thinking Skills

The Spangler team offers a variety of 45-minute pre-recorded science assemblies that are easy to share on any platform. Steve has a masterful way of using this virtual medium to truly connect with students of any age. Most of the experiments and STEM related demonstrations use easy to find materials with the goal of students being able to recreate many of the experiences at home.

The setting for the presentation is familiar to viewers of Steve’s nationally syndicated television show – he’s in the DIY Sci kitchen! The videos are professionally produced and hosted on our safe, private platform.

Select any single presentation for $399 or purchase two or more for $299 each.

If you are planning an event that requires a LIVE science assembly, the Spangler team will work with you to coordinate Steve’s visit. Live presentations require a significant amount of pre-planning and technical set-up to ensure the best possible experience. Pricing for a live, 45-minute assembly starts at $1,500

“Steve Spangler’s science assembly knocked our socks off. He really has an ability to reach through the screen and connect with our students who laughed and learned the entire time. Ready to book the next one!”

Kitchen Science – Amazing at Home Science to Amaze Your Friends

It’s time to turn your kitchen into an amazing STEM lab. Steve Spangler help you uncover some amazing science you can do using easy-to-find materials in your kitchen. From experiments you can do with soda to unbelievable stunts you can try out on your own with eggs and candy, there’s something for everyone as you learn how to amaze your friends with this collection of kitchen science.

Sub Zero Science – Exploring the Science of Solids, Liquids and Gases

Ever wonder what happens when flowers are dipped into a liquid nitrogen? Is it really possible to crush a metal can using the power of air? Is it safe to breathe a cloud? Steve Spangler reveals the answers to these questions and dozens more as you explore the unusual things that happen to household materials as they are dipped into a bath of liquid nitrogen (-320oF). This program is great for students who are studying the science of solids, liquids and gases.

Fizz, Pop, Wow! Amaze Your Friends with Chemistry

You know something great is going to happen when Steve Spangler has to cover his kitchen science lab in plastic. Experiment with chemical reactions to create carbon dioxide gas to make things fizz, pop and explode. Learn the secret to recreating the famous Elephant’s Toothpaste reaction. You won’t believe what’s hiding in a can of soda or your breakfast cereal, but your critical thinking skills will lead you to an incredible discovery. Use your knowledge of density and a little creativity to make a bowling ball float in water. Get ready to explore some amazing science you can do yourself… and some things you’ll want to try at a friend’s home!

Flying Circus of Science– Exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion

Imagine learning how to make cups filled with water fly through the air without spilling a drop or being able to whip off the tablecloth without making a mess on the floor. Steve Spangler shares some of his favorite, eye-catching science experiments and STEM challenges as you uncover the forces that control the way things move. You’ll uncover clever ways to use inertia and centripetal force to make objects look like they defy gravity as you gain a better understanding of Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. You won’t believe your eyes when you try these experiments using supplies that are easy to find at home.

Science of Sound – Vibrations, Sound Waves and Things that Resonate!

Rolling thunder, clinking bottles, singing pipes and laser gun blasts are just a few of the strange sounds coming from Steve Spangler’s kitchen science lab. Learn how special effects artists turn ordinary sound waves into the amazing sounds you hear in the movies. Discover clever ways to make sound waves appear before your very eyes. Make pipes and metal bars sing, plastic hoses howl and cups scream as you uncover the real science behind the sounds you hear.

All About Air – Amazing Experiments Powered by Air

Amaze your friends with this collection of cool science experiments powered by the air you breathe. After learning how to capture a swirling vortex in a bottle, create a life-size tornado in your home or classroom. Learn how weather systems develop and how air in the atmosphere moves through convection currents. Uncover the secret to inflating an 8 foot long bag using a single breath of air! Uncover the secret to launching a piece of potato using compressed air. Fire up your engineering brain to turn an ordinary leaf blower into a machine that makes toilet paper fly. This is an action-packed program that’s guaranteed to get your creative ideas flowing.

Halloween Science – Spooky Experiments Guaranteed to Get Ooohs & Ahhhs!

It’s no secret that Halloween is Steve Spangler’s favorite holiday. Imagine opening the door to find bubbling potions, eerie green glowing objects that appear and disappear like magic, spooky sounds coming from strange objects and even a pumpkin that explodes! Join Steve as he shares some of his favorite experiments you can try at home as you explore the states of matter, chemical color changes, bubble science, vibrations and resonance and his special brand of spooky science magic. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to explore some amazing science that’s guaranteed to get ooohs & ahhhs!

Science Magic – Amazing Magic Tricks You Can Do at Home Using Science

Is it science or magic… or a little bit of both? Steve Spangler reveals the how-to science behind some eye-catching STEM puzzles you can use to amaze your friends. Explore the science of density, simple machines and chemistry using materials that are easy for you to find at home. You’ll also uncover the skills of a magician as you learn how to create a story that engages your audience and draws them into your experience. Combine amazing science with engaging presentation skills and you get a collection of cool science magic that’s guaranteed to get you a standing ovation!

Our digital content team will provide you with private links that can be shared with your teachers. We are more than happy to offer any technical assistance to guarantee a hassle-free viewing experience.

“Steve Spangler’s science assemblies exceeded our expectations when it comes to providing great content in a manner both the students and the staff loves. High educational value and very entertaining.”

Molly Kemp – Washington Elementary School District

“The biggest compliment that we’ve received for booking these assemblies is that the 45 minutes flies by. Our teachers have asked if it’s possible to show these in the classroom instead of just the after-school program.”

Nancy Droll – Washington Elementary School District