Amazing Phenomenon-Based STEM Lessons

Unlock the Secrets to High Level Student Engagement with Phenomenon-Based Lessons Guaranteed to Engage Curious Minds

Student engagement just got easier thanks to our newest collaboration between Steve Spangler and the geniuses at Kesler Science. Our new phenomenon-based lessons build more connections, unlock more science and challenge young minds to engage through communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Best of all, you’ll be one step closer to having your students fall in love with SCIENCE… guaranteed!

“Science education just got an UPGRADE! Steve Spangler has inspired me for years (my kids LOVE his videos and creative experiments) and my membership to Kesler Science has made me a better teacher. Now I get the best of both worlds!”

– Covey Denton – North Carolina

Just a Few of the Kesler Science Membership Benefits

  • LIVE monthly professional development with Steve Spangler
  • Exclusive Interactive phenomenon-based learning lessons powered by Steve Spangler videos 
  • Paper and digital formats of lessons available for every NGSS middle school physical science DCI 
  • Strategies for high-level student engagement centered around anchoring phenomenon 
  • New and exciting Spangler lessons and videos added every month – exclusive to Kesler Science! 

Monthly Professional Development

Get a Front Row Seat to Steve Spangler’s Everyday STEM Teacher Workshop… Every Month!

Join one of the country’s leading STEM educators each month for a unique professional development experience filled with cool demonstrations, hands-on experiments and STEM challenges you can put to use the very next day. Best of all, it’s LIVE so you can interact, ask questions and engage in your own learning.

  • LIVE one-hour professional development from Steve Spangler every month
  • Great experiment ideas on a shoestring budget
  • Explore best practices and engagement strategies that really work
  • Ask questions… because it’s live and interactive!
  • All sessions are recorded and available to members for 30 days

BONUS! You’ll receive a certificate of completion after each workshop

Phenomenon-Based Learning Unlocks Those “A-HA!” Moments

Research shows that using phenomenon-based instructional strategies widens the equity in teaching and provides context for knowledge that applies to diverse learners. Now you can take advantage of our new phenomenon-based lessons that are redefining the way student engage through hands-on, minds-on exploration.

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