Easy Science Experiments


Paint Can Practical Joke

Here’s a great way to practice your sleight-of-hand skills and drive the clerk at the hardware store insane. It’s one of our all-time favorite practical […]

Homemade Magnet

It’s not often that you can make something so complex out of such simple materials. Electricity and magnetism have been used by people everywhere to […]

Balancing Hex Nut Challenge

It’s possible that you have such great eye-hand coordination and rock-steady nerves that stacking five hex nuts on the rim of a glass is how […]

Magnetic Slime

There’s a good chance you’ve (1) already worked with magnets and (2) made slime many times. It’s a good bet you haven’t done it at the same time, […]

Newton’s Nightmare

Drop one weight into the tube and, no surprise here, the weight drops to the ground with a thud. Go figure… it’s gravity at work! […]

LED Throwies

Graffiti Research Lab first introduced us to the awesome throwie idea, and we loved it. Ever since, we’ve been playing around with the idea of […]

Magnetic Money

It’s true, money is magnetic! You’ll need to get your hands on a super strong neodymium magnet to uncover an amazing secret.

Money in a Blender - A Cash Smoothie

It’s true . . . some money is magnetic. Vending machines will sound an alarm if an ordinary piece of paper is inserted into the […]

Eating Nails for Breakfast

Did you know that you can use a magnet to prove there really is iron in your breakfast cereal? The next time you’re eating a […]

Make Your Own Compass

There is one tool that is sure to give you guidance if you get lost, a compass. But what could you do if you forgot […]

Meteorite Hit My House

When Hollywood features a meteor impact in a movie, it’s usually the end of life as we know it! Funny thing, though, your home has been bombarded […]