Easy Science Experiments


Musical Straw

Music has been one of the greatest inventions in human history! There’s no telling when it started or what was the first wind instrument (one […]

Singing Glasses

What dinner party is complete without a song from the Wine Glass Symphony? You’ll need a few wine glasses, some water, and a tune in […]

The Spinning Penny

Warning: The Spinning Penny Balloon is known to be addicting! Once you try it, you’ll find out too late that it’s habit forming and totally […]

Halloween Sounds - Screaming Cup

This is the perfect sound effect to carry door-to-door on your trick or treat adventure.

Screaming Balloon

Here’s an easy-to-do experiment using only a balloon and a hex nut from the hardware store. Be sure to buy enough supplies for all of […]

Talking Cups

From the soulful crooning of an R&B singer to the deep roar of thunder, sounds are created by vibrations. So, if you’re looking to make […]

Cornstarch Monsters - Vibrating Cornstarch on a Speaker

Mixing cornstarch and water creates an ooey, gooey substance that behavior both like a solid and a liquid at the same time. Scientists call this […]

Water Whistle

People have told us that we do things to our own tune. At first we didn’t know what they meant, but then we decided that […]

Buzzing Noise Maker

Do you like to make a ton of noise? The Buzzing Noise Maker experiment is perfect for you! The greatest aspect of the Buzzing Noise […]

Pop Bottle Music

A popular Las Vegas musical act uses tubes, bottles, trash cans, and other common items to make some very cool and distinctive sounds. This just […]