Human Table Trick

All these people are laying down, by why aren't they falling? They comprise a human table!

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Table tricks are a great addition to any meal. Do you want to whip the tablecloth out from under they place settings? Great! Oh, you're trying to move a toothpick just by using a singing wine glass? That's awesome, too! But what if you want to turn all of your guests INTO a table? Well, lucky for you, we have the perfect trick… the Human Table Trick!

Here's What You'll Need

  • Four friends
  • Four chairs


  1. Set up four chairs in a square. The chairs need to be close enough that a person can lay backwards and have their shoulders rest on another chair.
  2. Have four friends sit in the chairs. The friends need to have their feet on the ground.
  3. Each friend needs to lay backwards, resting their shoulders on the legs of the person behind them.
  4. One by one, remove the chairs from under your friends.
  5. Much to their amazement, your friends remain in their reclined position, despite lacking the support of the chairs.
  6. Before your friends collapse, replace the chairs and let them sit-up. Ta-da!

How Does It Work?

That's incredible! Your friends create a table that is practically sturdy enough to eat off of… but how does it work?

When you remove the chairs from under your friends, the expectation is for your friends to crumble to the floor in a giggling mass. Instead, they remain stable (even if they're still giggling). The secret to this table-esque trick is a system of balanced forces. Even though gravity is pulling your friends down, each friend is supported by the legs of the person behind them. With each person being supported, the only question is when your friends' legs give out.

Take It Further!

How many friends can you get to form a table? All you need to do is get more chairs, then you can have a table made up of as many friends as you want!

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