Strategies for Connecting Science with Children’s Literature

Story Time Slime™ Online is more than just a collection of great hands-on activities… it’s a whole new way to teach science through the medium of children’s literature. Julie Gintzler and Steve Spangler guide you through more than 20 experiences using easy to find materials and learning resources from the hands-on science kit that is delivered to your door. This workshop is perfect for any early childhood educator who is looking to add more science and literature into their teachings.

Story Time Slime Online

The Online Course That’s Perfect for Teachers Pre-K through 2nd Grade

This workshop is rich with things that fill the student with wonder and a desire to learn more. All of the lessons make a student want to run out and show what they learned.


Marie Long

I learned creative and engaging ways to make science even more interesting and exciting, but Steve and his team took beyond that by connecting our favorite books with science. It was AMAZING!!!!


Lucia Ybarra

EXCELLENT TEACHER WORKSHOP! I learned a lot of new and exciting experiments in this workshop – experiments that’ll nurture their natural curiosity and help the kids be thinkers and problem-solvers.

Sheryl Cooper

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Registration for Story Time Slime Online™ is $249 per person.
The registration fee includes access to the five hour course for one year and a hands-on kit valued at $50 shipped to your door!

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Professional Development Delivered Right to Your Door!

Julie Gintzler and Steve Spangler share their enthusiasm, experience and creativity for making early childhood science fun, easy and totally engaging with this online course. It’s a unique kind of professional development that’s focused on making you the most effective teacher possible… and it’s delivered right to your door.

Reasons to Register!

  • Take the course at your own pace. You have a year to complete it!
  • 5 hours of hands-on science training geared for PreK – 2nd Grade
  • NGSS & Common Core connections in a downloadable 24 page PDF.
  • Shipping costs for your materials is included with your registration fee.
  • Downloadable certificate of completion showing 5 hours.
  • Earn graduate-level professional development semester credit for an additional fee.

Group pricing available for groups of 5 or more.

The Experience

This is not your ordinary online course. From the moment the training starts, Julie Gintzler and Steve Spangler draw you in and make you a part of the learning process. You’ll quickly see why Julie and Steve are so passionate about helping you be the best teacher possible by creating learning connections that children remember.

The Spangler Science team has found a way to turn an online training into a totally interactive experience. That’s why we’re sending you a workshop kit filled with all of the hands-on materials you’ll need to conduct the activities as you watch and learn online. It’s the next best thing to attending a live training with two amazing education experts… without ever having to leave home.

When you register – you’ll get instant access to the online training and receive your kit within 5-7 days of signing up!

What Teachers Are Saying

When I heard about this course and that it was 5 hrs of training on the web, I thought it would take a week or more to get through it. The opposite happened! I got my kit, watched the first lesson and was HOOKED! I couldn’t stop. The children are going to be sooooo excited to do these experiments. I can’t wait for school to start.

Pamela Steichen – Choctaw OK

Taking this workshop helped me connect some great literature with science in the classroom! Julie & Steve gave me great ideas on how to make my science more inquiry based and how to guide my students to ask more questions and take risks!

Laura Crawley – Doylestown PA

Definitely not a rehashing of old, tried and true primary kitchen experiments. The ” use it now” activities and curriculum connections presented in this workshop are worthy of spending personal time and money to experience.

DeNece Johansen – Alexandria VA

This workshop was enlightening. It’s so refreshing to be able to teach science through literature and experiments instead of through text and tests.

Ruth Peterson – Raleigh NC

This workshop helped me to understand the science behind the activities which made teaching or sharing it with the kids so much easier and fun for both me and them. The kids I have attend my programs have loved what they have learned and can’t wait to come back.

Dawn Miller Tabor IA

This workshop is a fun way to link fictional literature and science – two topics that typically don’t “go together!” The presenters are entertaining and do a great job at demonstrating the experiments in simple ways, yet also show how to take the knowledge up or down a notch depending on the age group!

Lisa Rodgers – Keller TX

This workshop will inspire you and make you excited about planning live-event learning for your students. Connecting literature to STE(A)M is perfect for Pre-K and primary students.

Jacqueline Bond – Quantico VA

In a heart beat I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to inspire and guide children into the fun and amazing world of SCIENCE! It will change the way you look at books and even might change the way you teach!

Darcee O’Hearn – Trail BC Canada


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