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You did exactly what we wanted… you helped our teachers remember how valuable they are to our district and the community they serve. Your Everyday STEM workshop was a fabulous way for us to kick off a new school year. Thanks so much for coming to rural Tennessee.


Betty Jordan – Instructional Supervisor, Benton County Schools, TN

Steve made it fun, easy and the concepts so approachable and understandable that I am finally doing and enjoying science activities with my students. He talked about creating “transformational experiences,” well he did it on me.

2021 Virtual Participant, Story Time STEM

Steve Spangler’s approach to science makes learning fun for both teachers and students. The students really look forward to being scientists each Friday! Steve Spangler not only provides amazing science experiments but also shares life lessons from his own personal teaching experiences. As professional educators, this allows us to reflect on our teaching experiences as well and allows us to positively adjust our mindset in the classroom.

2021 Virtual STEM Conference Participant

Steve engaged us by giving us the opportunity to perform the activities we would be doing with our students. We didn’t have to just rely on instructions in a book as guidance. By doing so many of the activities that we would do it allowed us to have a visual of the “whole” experience. We were able to be the students and enjoy learning which made us excited to pass on the experiences.

Participant, Virtual STEM Conference 2021

We just finished our virtual STEM workshop with you and so many of our co-workers commented they heard us laughing all day as they walked through the halls. I’ve been teaching 31 years and this is by far the best PD! I’ve always tried to make learning fun for my students, but wish I would have been introduced earlier in my teaching years. I’m not going to want to retire in a year!!

Denise DiSalvo Dupre – Septemer 2020

Best PD Experience in 31 Years of Teaching!

I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend your training at the Science Museum Oklahoma… and I will never forget the kindness and generosity you bestowed upon my family after the event. You’re an ordinary person who gets other ordinary people to believe extraordinary things about themselves and about the world around us. That makes you a hero in our home.

Josh J. – Oklahoma Science Museum Workshop Participant

Your program and your team has helped bring our staff together like no other activity at our institution. We saw incredible cross-departmental communication, planning, camaraderie, and a sense of great pride that spread throughout the museum. The experience we created together was incredibly valuable to our institution, and we treasure the partnership we share.

Sherry Marshall, President, Science Museum Oklahoma

Our STEM experience with Steve Spangler was unbelievable. He shared classroom strategies for how to engage students on their level, to make it an experience, a memory, and not a worksheet. The Fueling Education winning schools will never forget their professional development experience with Steve – engaging, fun and truly inspiring.

Gina S. – CITGO Fueling Education

Steve’s workshop is NOTHING like any workshop I’ve experienced in the past. Fun, engaging and connected to learning standards that I’m required to teach.

Connie F. – Portland, Oregon

The day after your presentation our participants were still talking about Steve Spangler. This guy is the S in STEM!

Pam Krotchko – REACH Foundation Executive Director