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I teach middle school science and the last year was very hard for me. I lost my husband in a motorcycle accident last August right before school started. Towards the end of the year I was starting to feel like I wasn’t doing a good job as a teacher. I was about to quit. I went to Science in the Rockies and not only was it fabulous science information and great stem activities. It helped to inspire me to not give up or give in. Thank you Steve for helping me realize that I was where I needed to be and inspiring me to keep going.

Jackie Ney – St. Patrick’s School – Sheldon, Iowa

Science in the Rockies 2022 was a dream that started in LEBANON and came true in DENVER. We traveled 2 days to get here. My sincere words of appreciation and gratitude for Steve and the organizing committee for the highly engaging, fruitful, informative and productive conference. Thank you Steve for giving me the opportunity to discover the kind of teacher that I want to be and share unforgettable memories that will be engraved in my heart and mind forever.

Wafaa Kaouk – Amjad High School – Lebanon

This is the second time I attended Science in the Rockies. In my 4 plus decades of teaching, this is the one conference I have returned to for more ideas, resources, and experiences. At the start of the conference, one of my table partners asked me if this event was really as good as everyone was saying? On the last day, she just smiled at me and said now I get it!

Peggy Bruno – Minto School Yukon-Koyukuk School District, Alaska

The professional learning experience with Steve Spangler at Science in the Rockies was like nothing I have ever experienced in my 25 year career. The hands-on learning experiences took what we mostly teach, off the page and into an experience students will likely never forget. Unforgettable take-aways include… ​”Don’t let the wow factor override the content” and
“Once you get their attention, do something with it. ” It is no wonder people from around the world want to be at your events. Science at Sea… here I come!

Ben Bruce – STEM Coordinator – Sumner County Schools, TN

Steve made it fun, easy and the concepts so approachable and understandable that I am finally doing and enjoying science activities with my students. He talked about creating “transformational experiences,” well he did it on me.

2021 Virtual Participant, Story Time STEM

Throughout all of the videos that I watched, I had the wow moment to everyone. I feel all teachers would benefit from this training. I loved it!

Jennifer Murray – Portage WI

This has been the most useful workshop I have ever attended. Every idea (and there are so many) is linked to a science concept. Science came alive for me – it was exciting – I loved watching the videos and trying the concepts myself! My goal is to make science come alive for my students!

Jennifer Ekstrum – Kimball SD

Virtual Science in the Rockies

I learned how exciting and engaging online science learning can be! My students will be leaning forward toward their screens to ask “How did you do that?” Pure engagement to create experiences at its best!

Ellen Reed – Adamsville OH

Virtual Science in the Rockies

This is the best way I’ve seen with building self esteem, teamwork, understanding, and deeper thinking. I am all for getting the most out of lessons and including leadership skills takes it to the next level and where I want to be.

Lori Beemer – Hudson IL

Virtual Science in the Rockies

I could not have been more engaged in this workshop. I literally was sitting on the edge of my recliner for hours. I was digging into my box of tools to “play” along and learn how to engage my students with “best day ever” moments. Steve is a huge success and he never comes across as a “know it all” rather he is humble and kind and wants to help teachers be successful in every classroom.

Jenna Simms – Wichita KS

Virtual Science in the Rockies

Engaging PD that can be used in the classroom. Ideas to get kids interested in science and curious about the world around them. Great to get resources and be able to practice how to use them. Steve and his team were awesome! They made the videos interesting and have a great message to teachers. I have been to many PD sessions in my 19 years of teaching and I have taken the more out of this PD than any of the years combined. The keynote had me laughing and crying. Great message.

Riley Ellis-Toddington – Lethbridge AE

Virtual Science in the Rockies

This work shop is amazing and fun! Steve has excellent experiments to share and he gives ideas on how to connect them to the curriculum. It’s engaging and interactive, even virtually!

Shelly Rerick – Otsego MN

Virtual Science in the Rockies

This was one of the best online PD I have done. I wanted to be doing all the experiments right along with the videos. My boyfriend, who doesn’t speak much English, watched several of the hours with me and enjoyed the experiments just as much as I did!

Liz Keddy – Milan Italy

Virtual Science in the Rockies

Your STEM conference was outstanding! I had to redo my cabinets to fit all the new supplies we received. My principal was so impressed with the strategies and ideas we brought back that she wants others to go to the conference next year. Amazing!

Sarah Krammer, Science Specialist

Claire Massey – Chicago, IL

Your workshop in Breckenridge opened up a new world of possibilities. The engagement strategies really work as my students are trying to create their own experiences to share with other grade levels. Great conference!

Teresa Nichols – Science of Engagement Workshop Participant

The leadership workshop was so valuable for me as a high school science teacher. I plan on using these demonstrations as life lessons that my students will remember for years to come. In addition, many of these lessons can be incorporated into our professional development sessions throughout the year with my colleagues.

Shelly Johnston