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I think “workshop” is probably the wrong word for Science in the Rockies. This is a 3-day experience that helps people share wonder, enthusiasm, and learning. It helped me remember how much I love learning and THAT is the feeling I hope my students remember long after they’ve forgotten the theories, rules, and facts they learned while they were with me.

Ellen Peterson – Gillette, WY

This was the best conference/non-conference I have ever been to! I really connected with how Steve presents the science content to students. His technique for working with students and learning how to engage them to use their critical thinking skills was key. As he said “If it gets to the dinner table, you win” and I am excited to “win” students over and foster young minds into teaching and STEM-based careers. #bestdaysever followed by #bestconferenceever

Mary Thaler – Statesboro, GA

We came with a diverse group of educators as far as age, time taught, grade level, and subject matter. All of us were inspired in our respective content areas about applying this hands-on learning approach in our own classrooms. On a personal note, all of the staff was extremely kind, engaging, and personable during the conference AND on the excursion, and I realize that they did not always have to be “ON” for us. I have my heart set on a spot for the Science of Iceland in 2025!

Sommer Lyons – Tulsa, OK

A fantastic opportunity for new teachers to experience how science should be taught and a “shot in the arm” for experienced teachers. I loved how easy it would be to integrate the lessons into the general curriculum with a bit of planning. The literacy piece from Dr. Diane and the grant writing tips from Covey Denton were a real plus. In all my 34 years of teaching, I have never experienced anything like this workshop.

Richard Thomas – Winter Springs, FL

As a 28 year veteran teacher, this was an outstanding experience. Steve’s passion and delivery motivated me to partake in all the hands-on opportunities in a collaborative way. Walking away with resources, materials and positivity that all things are possible when you have a great team behind you cheering you on! I would recommend this experience to all educators and administrators. Thank you Steve and family for a great adventure in the Rockies.

Jen Martel – Allenstown, NH

I’m coming up on my 28th year of teaching and this conference has made me feel rejuvenated, and excited and it confirms my career choice! It was engaging, hands-on, and very entertaining to say the least! Steve is not only a great presenter with comedic timing, but he is also extremely knowledgeable about the content and principles he shares.  Everyone associated with this conference is to be commended!

Sheryl Vitale – Roseville, MI

This was hands down the best conference I have ever been to. The hands-on learning we got to do, paired with Steve & his team’s energy can not be matched. This was a highly engaging experience & I cannot wait to bring my science lessons to the next level in my classroom. Thank you for 2 1/2 days of “Best Day Ever” moments I’ll never forget.

Renee Edmundson – Hills-Beaver Creek, MN

I have been teaching for 23 years and have attended dozens and dozens of conferences, but Science in the Rockies has been the most explosively inspirational one yet! The six teachers who attended from my school all feel so invigorated, inspired and exited to share what we learned and experienced with our scholars this year. Steve and the whole Spangler team were amazing!

Amy Poland – Toledo, OH

Steve Spangler didn’t just talk about “Best Day Ever” experiences… he did it with Science in the Rockies. We learned about connections, engagement, and intentionality in our work. We learned about inquiry and leading learning with a sense of wonder. I am so grateful to Science in the Rockies and the absolutely amazing team that makes this all possible!

Laura McKone – Littleton, CO

Science in the Rockies was a phenomenal, engaging experience. The wonder and awe shared with us is something we will take back to the classroom to share with our students. It is the best conference I have been to. I highly suggest you attend!

Mary Kate Diltz – Madison, MS

This is my second time to attend Science in the Rockies and it is absolutely amazing. I always come back ready to jump in and get ready to share everything I learned with my students and colleagues. Not a dull moment in the 2 1/2 days I attended. The staff and presenters are so prepared and organized. Can’t wait to come again!!

Leanne Pyles – Bixby, OK

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Science in the Rockies was. Steve Spangler is a fantastic presenter, who brings joy, excitement, and wonder to each day. It was packed with non-stop experiences that have me ON FIRE to share with my students!

Haley Tollefsen – Luverne, MN

This experience was way more than I expected. Each day was better than the next, as we learned that “anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” We were overloaded with supplies, experiments, and resources. I especially enjoyed the session by Covey Denton on grant writing. That alone paid for the price of the workshop tenfold. This has left me recharged and reenergized to return to the classroom with many hands-on experiments and over-the-top demonstrations to inspire my students.

Jeff Fox – Perry, IA

This was the best professional development I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been a teacher for 21 years. I love the fact that it is all hands-on! I was never bored by just sitting and listening to someone talk. We were constantly engaged through demonstrations and activities with materials you can take home. We were even taught how to write grants to fund new projects! Steve and his whole staff made me feel extremely comfortable asking questions. I would strongly recommend this conference to anyone considering it.

Janice Harris – Chelsea, OK

Loved Steve’s energy and enthusiasm great for teachers of all ranges of experience. Helps us get out of our boxes and engage the students!

Michelle Keown – Raleigh, NC

Science in the Rockies was one of the best PD’s I have gone to. I learned so much on how to transform my teaching in a fun, dynamic way. This PD showed me how to give my students #bestdayevery moments. That will allow them to connect to science and their learning through their own inquiry and discovery. I can not wait to start working on changing up lessons and minds.

Tiffany Fruth – Radcliff, KY

This was a great conference! I have used some experiments in the past, and students love them. Really loved the new demos and experiments Steve shared. I can’t wait to add more to my lesson plans for next year.

Alyson Blair – Fortson, GA

My experience at Science in the Rockies 2023 was absolutely amazing! Steve’s excitement for STEM is contagious. But the best part is how he is focused on helping teachers reach their peak potential. He gave me the tools I need to really inspire my students to think differently… and he gave me the confidence to be an even better teacher.

Jennifer Mayo – Madison Avenue Upper Elementary

I used quite a few of his activities this year already and plan to incorporate even more of them next year. My students loved every single one of them! Too many times in the past, I felt like I was overwhelmed trying to search and plan hands-on activities for concepts we were learning in class. As a result, I would fall back to teaching out of the book and showing videos of others doing fun experiments. This class gave me the knowledge and confidence to do better for my students.

Crystal Miller – Buffalo, Illinois

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you guys for everything this past week. Not only for the 3 days at the conference but for everything you guys do spreading such a positive message to the teaching profession. It is truly outstanding.  I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all again at some point in the future. Thanks again and have a great summer!

Trevor Toney – Toledo, Ohio

WOW! WOW! WOW!  it was hands down the best conference that I have ever been too.  Not only did we get to participate in the experiences and get to first hand  how excited our students will be.   We also received materials to take home and more materials were sent directly to my house.  I’m excited to go back to my school and teach science at a higher level.  Steve was a great presenter and speaker I was sad when the conference was over.  The other presenters that came they were just as engaging and exciting.  This lit the fire for teaching science with excitment, creativity, sucess, failures and fidelity. My students in the 22-23 school year will be the luckiest students ever!

Kris McSweeney – Bayfield, Colorado

This is my 3rd time around to visit Science in the Rockies. I will be the first to say each time is a little different.  It’s the perfect business/pleasure retreat for me to recharge my teacher battery.  There is so much to gain from this experience! I walked away with more ideas how to “hook” my students at the start of a lesson/unit. In addition, Kesler and Spangler have teamed up to create teacher-ready lessons to roll out the first day of school! Best PD ever!

David McLeod – Frisco, Texas

Trying to put into words our Science at Sea experience is like trying to capture the true size and beauty of Glacier Bay with my phone. It’s not that easy. The excursions and lectures were all incredibly thoughtful, entertaining, and memorable. But it was the magical trio of Steve Spangler, Carly and Higgins along with the Science at Sea group members that elevated the entire experience for us. In the week we spent together, we learned a ton, laughed even more, and made countless memories that will be forever treasured. Science at Sea was everything we hoped it would be and so much more! It was truly THE BEST WEEK EVER!

Jodi & Ava Mei McMahon – Peachtree Corners, GA

My favorite conference of all time! Even though I am not a science educator, I got a lot out of this conference. I loved the hands-on parts and came away feeling energized and excited to work with students in the fall.

Patty Woody – Yukon-Koyukuk School District, Fairbanks, AK