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Steve is the most engaging and entertaining presenter. This was our third year having him train our prekindergarten teachers and we could not ask for a better way to kick off the school year. Not only are the experiences fun and full of learning, teachers are hands on from start to finish—just how we expect them to teach in their classrooms.

Michele Olsen – Terrebonne Parish School District, Louisiana

Best STEM professional development I’ve ever been to – seriously! After the last 2 years… feeling a smidge burnt out and bogged down (uninspired), Steve Spangler completely reminded me why I do what I do. Got me excited for Monday, and who gets excited for Mondays?!?

Jacqui J. – Lake County Quality Care Workshop

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Steve speak once before, but Saturday just hit a little different for me. There was a moment that I started crying because seeing the look on our participants’ faces… I realized that WE created this amazing experience together. Steve helped me rediscover my passion. Thank you for working with us and making sure we had “The Best Day Ever”!

Angela Cuellar – Director, Lake County Office of Education

So many great ideas for our teachers to put into practice right away. Steve passion for making STEM exciting and approachable was exactly what our teachers needed.

Karin Sperb, New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute

STEM for Little Sprouts gave our pre-k teachers the real-world tools, strategies and best practices the needed that inspire and motivate children to really do science.

Michele Olsen, Early Childhood Director, Terrebonne Parish School District

Best Day Ever! Steve Spangler’s STEM for Little Sprouts workshop was the best professional development series the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education has ever offered. Steve helped our teachers think differently about STEM and opened their minds to everything that’s possible.

Beth Aspden, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education

This workshop was inspiring! I can’t wait to bring these ideas to my students to grow empathy and community.

Emily, Umatilla Child Care Resource & Referral

I am a teachers assistant and work with pre k autistic children. Your presentation reminded me of several of my best day ever moments as a child and as an educator. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to early childhood children and teachers.

Rachel, ESC 10

I just thought we were doing some science experiments today but it was a nice surprise to see your passion for kids that the science became secondary.  Thank you for sharing your gift Steve! I’m taking teaching enthusiasm back to my classroom.

Nicole, Region 10

This virtual workshop was so great.  While the science experiments were great, I love your passion for wanting us to engage with each other and the children in our early childhood classrooms.  Thank you!

Decker, GOAEYC

Thank you.  This was the best workshop I’ve attended virtually.  I was engaged the entire workshop and wish it could have been longer.  Can’t wait to try what I’ve learned in my early childhood classroom.

Carmen, GOAEYC

This workshop has helped me see that children start to follow their dreams at a young age, and it’s so important to teach them how to wonder, discover and explore the world. Thanks for the amazing ideas!

Janet M., Community Childcare Connection

You made me remember why I decided to start over and be an early childhood teacher.  Thank you Steve!

Victoria, GOAEYC

That’s right, my students literally started yelling and screaming with joy when I said that we were going to do some Steve Spangler science experiments earlier this week. Amidst the commotion, I made a discovery. It’s not about the “activity” or experiment as much as it was about the way Steve taught me to teach the concept. He explained the connections with science to real life in a way students would be engaged. If he can engage me, I know my students will be engaged. Now, I need a class on how to keep my kids from screaming.

2021 Participant

Monty C.

Steve made it fun, easy and the concepts so approachable and understandable that I am finally doing and enjoying science activities with my students. He talked about creating “transformational experiences,” well he did it on me.

2021 Virtual Participant, Story Time STEM

Steve Spangler’s approach to science makes learning fun for both teachers and students. The students really look forward to being scientists each Friday! Steve Spangler not only provides amazing science experiments but also shares life lessons from his own personal teaching experiences. As professional educators, this allows us to reflect on our teaching experiences as well and allows us to positively adjust our mindset in the classroom.

2021 Virtual STEM Conference Participant

I came to this workshop wanting more teaching strategies that with with hands-on experience. Using Steve’s materials/activities brings science to life for our students. Pre-K is hands on and his materials/activities fit the way our students learn so well.

2021 Participant

We need more of this

He made real-life science come to life! I was so engaged; I felt confident teaching it.

2021 Participant

Confidence Booster

Steve engaged us by giving us the opportunity to perform the activities we would be doing with our students. We didn’t have to just rely on instructions in a book as guidance. By doing so many of the activities that we would do it allowed us to have a visual of the “whole” experience. We were able to be the students and enjoy learning which made us excited to pass on the experiences.

Participant, Virtual STEM Conference 2021

I love Science and I wanted to learn more experiments to do with my class.  This is my first time doing the conference, I loved everything about it.

 – Monique Naquin

Story Time Slime – Online Course

You can not miss this workshop if you have an opportunity to attend. Your teaching will never be the same!

Veronica, Early Childhood Options

This workshop was so very interesting, even for me as a grown-up. It is rich with things that fill the student with wonder and a desire to learn more. All of the lessons make a student want to run out and show someone!

– Marie Long

Story Time Slime – Online Course

I will use more science hands-on activities to connect with children’s literature. I ‘ve used the same old fizzing volcano or fizzing pumpkin over and over again year after year. I have learned a lot of new exciting experiments in this workshop. Experiments that’ll nurture their natural curiosity and it’ll surely help the kids be thinkers and problem-solvers. Let’s promote STEM to these future scientists, engineers, and mathematicians! The earlier, the better!

– Sheryl Cooper 

Story Time Slime – Online Course

I learned creative and engaging ways to make Science even more interesting and exciting, but Steve and his team took beyond that by connecting our favorite books with Science. It was AMAZING!!!!

– Lucia Ybarra 

Story Time Slime – Online Course