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This virtual experience felt like Steve was in my kitchen teaching me how to do the experiments. Steve communicates extremely well and his love for science is evident. It truly inspires you to facilitate the best science experiments for students. A+

Luz Aguayo

Something special for everyone! This was a refreshing, positive, and engaging professional development that will recharge and renew your love for creating hands-on experiences for your students. Gather up your novice and veteran colleagues and sign up for great experience.

Catherine Hernandez

Great lessons for all three holidays. Thank you so much for these fun experiments and STEM challenges to do with our students. These are guaranteed to find their way into my classroom and my kids will love it.

Krista Daubert

GREAT WORKSHOP! What an awesome workshop. I loved all the hands-on items we received to start using them in the classroom right away. I am so excited to use many of the items with each holiday. I teach kindergarten, and I am always looking for fun, hands-on science fun!

Kathryn Picton

Take it from someone who has been forced to sit through tons of virtual workshops… Steve’s “holiday” workshop is NOTHING like anything I’ve experienced in the past. Fun, engaging and connected to learning standards that I’m required to teach. You knocked out Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and April Fool’s Day all in one great teacher workshop. Highly recommended.

Sandra Reese – 4th Grade Teacher