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The conference was stocked full of information, wow moments and you can’t beat the fact that supplies for the classroom was also included. This was never a boring conference and I could not wait to see what Steve would do next. I also appreciated the fact that Steve explained EVERY “trick” and showed how it could be applied in the classroom to make a real life connection with the students.

Alisa, SITR Virtual 2021

Wonderful workshop Steve! Demonstrating experiments for teachers lights a fire of excitement to get back into the classroom. Giving teachers the materials to follow along with the demonstrations makes the learning experience much more lasting – Seeing AND doing is key.

Melissa, SITR Virtual 2021

The demonstrations and hands on materials are fantastic.  Phenomenon based learning strategies. To engage students in real world science experiences that allow them to make connections and create new things.

Heather, SITR Virtual 2021

There are numerous strategies from this workshop that I will use in my future teaching. Steve’s delivery of content is high energy and engaging. Steve also asks strong questions that encourage students to practice critical thinking skills.

Rachel, SITR Virtual 2021

I’ve taken many courses from Steve, & they all have been amazing. My students absolutely LOVE & look forward to science. Thanks Steve!!

Kathleen, SITR Virtual

If you can, just do it! So much great ideas, information, presentation skills, and philosophy to encourage and invite student engagement. Inspiring workshop – I can’t wait to use in the classroom and lab!

Heather, SITR Virtual 2021

The Science in the Rockies workshop isn’t just about experiments that can be incorporated into your classroom lessons. It is more importantly about the excitement, every day learning experiences, and connections that can be fostered in your students and just as importantly, yourself as a teacher.

Judy, SITR Virtual 2021

Steve made it fun, easy and the concepts so approachable and understandable that I am finally doing and enjoying science activities with my students. He talked about creating “transformational experiences,” well he did it on me.

2021 Virtual Participant, Story Time STEM

Steve Spangler’s approach to science makes learning fun for both teachers and students. The students really look forward to being scientists each Friday! Steve Spangler not only provides amazing science experiments but also shares life lessons from his own personal teaching experiences. As professional educators, this allows us to reflect on our teaching experiences as well and allows us to positively adjust our mindset in the classroom.

2021 Virtual STEM Conference Participant

Steve engaged us by giving us the opportunity to perform the activities we would be doing with our students. We didn’t have to just rely on instructions in a book as guidance. By doing so many of the activities that we would do it allowed us to have a visual of the “whole” experience. We were able to be the students and enjoy learning which made us excited to pass on the experiences.

Participant, Virtual STEM Conference 2021

Throughout all of the videos that I watched, I had the wow moment to everyone. I feel all teachers would benefit from this training. I loved it!

Jennifer Murray – Portage WI

This has been the most useful workshop I have ever attended. Every idea (and there are so many) is linked to a science concept. Science came alive for me – it was exciting – I loved watching the videos and trying the concepts myself! My goal is to make science come alive for my students!

Jennifer Ekstrum – Kimball SD

Virtual Science in the Rockies

I learned how exciting and engaging online science learning can be! My students will be leaning forward toward their screens to ask “How did you do that?” Pure engagement to create experiences at its best!

Ellen Reed – Adamsville OH

Virtual Science in the Rockies

This is the best way I’ve seen with building self esteem, teamwork, understanding, and deeper thinking. I am all for getting the most out of lessons and including leadership skills takes it to the next level and where I want to be.

Lori Beemer – Hudson IL

Virtual Science in the Rockies

I could not have been more engaged in this workshop. I literally was sitting on the edge of my recliner for hours. I was digging into my box of tools to “play” along and learn how to engage my students with “best day ever” moments. Steve is a huge success and he never comes across as a “know it all” rather he is humble and kind and wants to help teachers be successful in every classroom.

Jenna Simms – Wichita KS

Virtual Science in the Rockies

Engaging PD that can be used in the classroom. Ideas to get kids interested in science and curious about the world around them. Great to get resources and be able to practice how to use them. Steve and his team were awesome! They made the videos interesting and have a great message to teachers. I have been to many PD sessions in my 19 years of teaching and I have taken the more out of this PD than any of the years combined. The keynote had me laughing and crying. Great message.

Riley Ellis-Toddington – Lethbridge AE

Virtual Science in the Rockies

This work shop is amazing and fun! Steve has excellent experiments to share and he gives ideas on how to connect them to the curriculum. It’s engaging and interactive, even virtually!

Shelly Rerick – Otsego MN

Virtual Science in the Rockies

This was one of the best online PD I have done. I wanted to be doing all the experiments right along with the videos. My boyfriend, who doesn’t speak much English, watched several of the hours with me and enjoyed the experiments just as much as I did!

Liz Keddy – Milan Italy

Virtual Science in the Rockies

Steve Spangler is an outstanding educator and speaker who setting new standards in virtual learning. Steve is substantive, insightful and has important messages to deliver to advance teaching and student learning.

Peggy Brookins, National Board for Certified Teachers

I just watched the first video and I’m literally overwhelmed by how much you are giving us. I feel like I hit the jackpot with this class being virtual instead of in person so that I have this wealth of knowledge and library to pull from. Unbelievable.

Jena Simms – Virtual Science in the Rockies – July 2020