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As a second year teacher the thought of writing for a grant is a little overwhelming. The video gave great tips and tricks on writing for them and all of the positives that can come out of them! Thank you for all of the new experiments and tricks I can play on my students when it comes to science now! I can’t wait to see the “wow” look on their faces.

Aubrey Hunt – Buffalo, Illinois

Incredible presentation at ScIC 11, but don’t take my word for it. We surveyed the audience and your NPS (Net Promoter Score) was off the charts with an insane score of 83. Seriously, you had our huge audience in the palm of your hands from start to finish. Check your calendar for ScIC 12 because we need you back.


Dave Bakker – CEO Pocket Lab and ScIC

This will be the BEST and most relevant professional development you’ll ever attend! You will explore, laugh, and have a blast learning! This workshop will make a huge difference for your students!

Sherbet Myers – Fort Smith, Arkansas

The workshop was so engaging. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I felt like a kid again.

Carrie Keenan – Dallas, Texas

Steve always gives an engaging and fun presentation. His humor and ability to make challenging science concepts accessible are inspiring. I’m grateful to have spent this time learning new engaging demonstrations and experiments. I’m excited about bringing these ideas to my classroom.

Stephanie Braeuner – Nashville, Tennessee

A definite workshop to sign up if you are looking for ideas to ignite the teaching and learning of Science in your own classroom. Steve will be able to engage you for hours (even virtually) as he creates experiences to guide you through in engaging and connecting with your students. Thanks Steve for your generous sharing. Appreciate it 🙂

Su Fen Goh – Singapore

Although it was an online conference it was amazing! I love how we were given access to the videos and information for a full year. I have watched them several times.

Jennifer Zakutney – Mobile, Alabama

EVERY teacher needs to take this online workshop. There will be something you can apply to your subject even if it isn’t STEM. Steve renewed my energy to be in the classroom.

Melanie Ellyson – Louisa, Virginia

Steve is very enthusiastic and engaging. I watched the videos with a friend and he often had us laughing. I can’t wait to to teach like Steve!

Susan Wesley – Nashville, Tennessee

Planning and prepping science experiments can be overwhelming while planning for other core classes and searching for supplies, but the kits provided were a lifesaver! Everything is ready…just grab and go. His videos were so incredibly educational, too. Steve Spangler taught in a way that it was like having a fun conversation with a friend while learning the complex science behind it all in an easy and fun way. I love his philosophies and style of teaching. I was engaged and awed the whole course!

Crystal Miller – Buffalo, Illinois

Steve Spangler’s virtual workshops are truly worth your time as an educator. He teaches simple, practical ways to highly and effectively engage students without having to break the bank or put in a ton of extra work/time to create engaging and effective lessons.

Michelle Armbruster – Nashville, Tennessee

I felt reenergized after this online workshop, excited to jump into science with my kids. It helped me feel confident about fitting science in to even small chunks of time in my day. I’m excited to explore along with my students as we work through these experiments/lessons.

Debrah Scanlon – Spanish Fork, Utah

Steve Spangler’s science online workshop is FUN and INFORMATIVE! How often does PD have you laughing throughout the session? Steve’s joy and love of science are evident. This workshop provided all the necessary materials for me to take into the classroom for future lessons and I look forward to using them this upcoming year!

Robin Big – Nashville, Tennessee

Virtual Science in the Rockies was great videos with lots of ideas to put to use in the classroom immediately. I loved how Steve inspires us to tackle science concepts in a fun, hands-on, easy way!

Christin Shaw-Ryan – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Fun and engaging! If you want to learn new strategies for engaging your students this is the online workshop for you. Your students will fall in love with Science.

Christine Holcomb – White House, Tennessee

If you thought you had great ideas for the classroom, Steve Spangler presents Science in a brand new what that makes me excited all over again!

Stephanie Schuck – Rockford, Illinois

The conference was stocked full of information, wow moments and you can’t beat the fact that supplies for the classroom was also included. This was never a boring conference and I could not wait to see what Steve would do next. I also appreciated the fact that Steve explained EVERY “trick” and showed how it could be applied in the classroom to make a real life connection with the students.

Alisa, SITR Virtual 2021

Wonderful workshop Steve! Demonstrating experiments for teachers lights a fire of excitement to get back into the classroom. Giving teachers the materials to follow along with the demonstrations makes the learning experience much more lasting – Seeing AND doing is key.

Melissa, SITR Virtual 2021

The demonstrations and hands on materials are fantastic.  Phenomenon based learning strategies. To engage students in real world science experiences that allow them to make connections and create new things.

Heather, SITR Virtual 2021

There are numerous strategies from this workshop that I will use in my future teaching. Steve’s delivery of content is high energy and engaging. Steve also asks strong questions that encourage students to practice critical thinking skills.

Rachel, SITR Virtual 2021

I’ve taken many courses from Steve, & they all have been amazing. My students absolutely LOVE & look forward to science. Thanks Steve!!

Kathleen, SITR Virtual

If you can, just do it! So much great ideas, information, presentation skills, and philosophy to encourage and invite student engagement. Inspiring workshop – I can’t wait to use in the classroom and lab!

Heather, SITR Virtual 2021

The Science in the Rockies workshop isn’t just about experiments that can be incorporated into your classroom lessons. It is more importantly about the excitement, every day learning experiences, and connections that can be fostered in your students and just as importantly, yourself as a teacher.

Judy, SITR Virtual 2021

Steve Spangler’s approach to science makes learning fun for both teachers and students. The students really look forward to being scientists each Friday! Steve Spangler not only provides amazing science experiments but also shares life lessons from his own personal teaching experiences. As professional educators, this allows us to reflect on our teaching experiences as well and allows us to positively adjust our mindset in the classroom.

2021 Virtual STEM Conference Participant