Here’s what teachers are saying about a Steve Spangler experience…

You were BEYOND incredible virtually and in-person. Thank you for seeing our vision and THANKS for being a part of all of our STEAM Expo, taking time to speak to students, parents and staff and sharing your Best Day Ever ideas. AMAZING!!!

Dr. Kamela Patton, Superintendent – Collier County Public Schools

At the Splash 2021 annual conference, we were excited to honor Steve Spangler with a lifetime achievement award on behalf of thousands of early childhood educators who have benefited from his wisdom and kindness over the last 20 years. We believe Steve has done more to inspire early childhood educators in STEM than anyone… ever. I can’t give him any higher recommendation.

Ron Chase, President and CEO, Frog Street Press

Best Day Ever! Steve Spangler’s STEM for Little Sprouts workshop was the best professional development series the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education has ever offered. Steve helped our teachers think differently about STEM and opened their minds to everything that’s possible.

Beth Aspden, Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education

Best Day Ever – Keynote Presentation

It has been a blast having Steve with us at this year’s Singapore International Science Teachers’ Conference! Steve is engaging and his larger-than-life personality can be felt even though cyberspace. The audience roared with laughter when he joked and held their breath when he shared his experiments. Steve has shown us how to engage our students in science and STEM education to create transformational, Best Day Ever experiences every time we teach.   -Irene Tan, Ministry of Education

Singapore International Science Teachers Association

Wow! What a powerful way to close up the school year. I consider our district extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you all and your team. Thank you for building a relationship with our district and always reminding us why we went into the profession in the first place.

Dr. Karen Harper – Instruction and Curriculum Department – Clarksville-Montgomery County School System

I cannot say enough about the power of your message and your masterful delivery. You truly inspired us all. Our staff has not stopped talking about your words and presentation since you left. I know the students of Mariemont City Schools will benefit from the inspiration you shared.

Steven Estepp – Superintendent, Mariemont City Schools – Cincinnati, OH

Your presentation had a profound impact on the money we raised during the foundation event. That’s a BEST DAY EVER for us.

Jill Henden – Executive Director, Cherry Creek Schools Foundation

Steve Spangler is part teacher, part carnival barker, and part master magician… and he’s amazing at all three! When it comes to getting people to fall in love with science, no one does it better.

Gary Shapiro – 9NEWS KUSA Denver

We were able to hear about the teachers who inspired Steve and learn teaching strategies in real time. He inspired me to go into my classroom Monday and engage with my students in a whole new way.

Anna Weston – Lake County School District

I know you saw the reactions today but can I just say how incredible it was to watch the teachers connect and truly understand your “Best Day Ever” message. I’m blown away by your passion and mission to empower teachers to go out and empower kids!

Ashleigh Brateman – Littleton Public Schools, Colorado

Teachers can’t stop raving about Steve’s presentation. He created a truly unforgettable experience for over 700 classrooms in our school district. Get us on your calendar for next year!

Krista Hamilton – Anglophone School District, Canada

I had so much fun I almost cried when it was over. Shooting toilet paper out of a leaf blower was just waaaaay tooooo much fun. The excitement of the whole day was truly a “best day ever” experience.

Jody M. – Lake County Quality Cares Workshop

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Steve speak once before, but Saturday just hit a little different for me. There was a moment that I started crying because seeing the look on our participants’ faces… I realized that WE created this amazing experience together. Steve helped me rediscover my passion. Thank you for working with us and making sure we had “The Best Day Ever”!

Angela Cuellar – Director, Lake County Office of Education

You were BEYOND incredible virtually and in-person. Thank you for seeing our vision and THANKS for being a part of all of our STEAM Expo, taking time to speak to students, parents and staff and sharing your Best Day Ever ideas. AMAZING!!!

Dr. Kamela Patton, Superintendent – Collier County Public Schools

A million thanks to Steve Spangler! Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me as I continue my quest to inspire female rockstars in science.

Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020

At the Splash 2021 annual conference, we were excited to honor Steve Spangler with a lifetime achievement award on behalf of thousands of early childhood educators who have benefited from his wisdom and kindness over the last 20 years. We believe Steve has done more to inspire early childhood educators in STEM than anyone… ever. I can’t give him any higher recommendation.

Ron Chase, President and CEO, Frog Street Press

Who else has the influence you have to convince the FAA to divert air traffic around Denver while you launch a weather balloon experiment from Coors Field? On behalf of the entire Colorado Rockies organization, thank you for making our Weather & Science Day events so successful for the past 10 years.

Reuben Donnelly, Manager, Group Sales, Colorado Rockies

POWERFUL! Steve’s message was exactly what our members needed to hear as we begin to imagine new possibilities for students in Alabama. We’re committed to creating Best Day Ever experiences for every child.

Janet Hagood, Alabama Association of Federal Education Program Administration

Science at Sea

Attending Science at Sea was terrific! The information I learned, the sights I saw, the friends I met, and the memories made will always be treasured. I learned so much from Steve, fellow science teachers, and John and his wisdom of Alaska history and nature.

Tiffany Floria – Fitchburg Public Schools – Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Science at Sea is an experiential professional development program. As a geology college professor, I benefited from all aspects of this experience. I left energized and inspired to incorporate even more innovative teaching strategies into my virtual and traditional classrooms.

Dr. Elaine Fagner – McLennan Community College

Hands down one of the best weeks of my life. It was an amazing experience to learn from Steve, John and Chris. It was so nice to be surrounded by like-minded people who continue to challenge each other to be the best teachers we can be. I made connections that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful for this experience.

Nikki Stewart – Genoa Christian Academy – Delaware, Ohio

“Best Day Ever” is not strong enough to describe the Science at Sea program. From the moment we signed up to the moment we stepped foot back into Vancouver, we were part of something special. Every session on the ship was tailored for fun and engagement, each excursion was memorable, seeing whales and riding railways, to the personal touch to make you feel that each day was truly a day you will never forget. Science at Sea was life-changing and I can’t wait to share what I learned, the photos I took, and the experiences I created back into my classroom.

Jessica Minton – Houston High School – Germantown, TN

Thanks again for such an amazing Science at Sea 2022 experience. I will never forget the memories and lasting friendships I made.


Brad Rhew – Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools – High Point, NC

My family and I have returned for our 6th(!) Science at Sea trip. We come back because the people and connections we make on these trips are priceless. We always learn something new and get to share a genuinely unique experience each time. The Spangler team put together a top-notch team of folks to guide us on our adventures. We return from the trip refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on whatever comes next.


Ellen Peterson – Gillette Community College

While this is billed as a professional development experience for educators, non-educators like me had a fabulous time (and learned so much without even knowing it). That’s the magic of what Steve does. Our head naturalist, John Scheerens, was a wealth of knowledge and very approachable. Steve also kept us on our toes during our time at sea by presenting us with engaging science lessons. This trip is truly an Alaskan cruise with a huge bonus!

Josie Kesler – Curriculum Writer – Cypress, TX

Science in the Rockies – STEM Conference

I used quite a few of his activities this year already and plan to incorporate even more of them next year. My students loved every single one of them! Too many times in the past, I felt like I was overwhelmed trying to search and plan hands-on activities for concepts we were learning in class. As a result, I would fall back to teaching out of the book and showing videos of others doing fun experiments. This class gave me the knowledge and confidence to do better for my students.

Crystal Miller – Buffalo, Illinois

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you guys for everything this past week. Not only for the 3 days at the conference but for everything you guys do spreading such a positive message to the teaching profession. It is truly outstanding.  I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all again at some point in the future. Thanks again and have a great summer!

Trevor Toney – Toledo, Ohio

WOW! WOW! WOW!  it was hands down the best conference that I have ever been too.  Not only did we get to participate in the experiences and get to first hand  how excited our students will be.   We also received materials to take home and more materials were sent directly to my house.  I’m excited to go back to my school and teach science at a higher level.  Steve was a great presenter and speaker I was sad when the conference was over.  The other presenters that came they were just as engaging and exciting.  This lit the fire for teaching science with excitment, creativity, sucess, failures and fidelity. My students in the 22-23 school year will be the luckiest students ever!

Kris McSweeney – Bayfield, Colorado

Science of Iceland

I find myself getting emotional trying to put together the thoughts and reflections for this trip…there were so many things that made our trip absolutely amazing. Let’s start with the Spangler team who created an experience unlike any other, where no detail was overlooked and every excursion felt like it was created just for you. It was the first time traveling as an adult that I truly felt like a kid. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. All of our accommodations were top-notch. Every meal was taken care of and the time spent around the dinner table was as wonderful as the meal itself. This Spangler experience was a series of “best day ever” moments day after day. And to top it off our guides were Icelandic royalty! They welcomed us into their country and shared their knowledge and personal stories with us along the way. This was by far the most incredible learning experience I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Katie Matthews – K/1 Educator, National Board Certified, Boone, NC

Let’s start by saying that I’m the “plus one.” But I thought you might like to get my take on all of this. The opportunity to explore amazing parts of the world with the Spangler team is something I would not miss. Their ability to make the experience individualized and special for everyone is truly remarkable. The fact that I also get to share these experiences with amazing people from all over the world is just icing on the cake. I always leave with new friends, new stories, and a thirst for whatever next adventure they dare dream up. And that’s from the plus one.

Byron Peterson – Gillette, WY

The Science of Iceland trip is one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had. Each day was full of interesting, fun, and “Best Day Ever” magical moments. Where else in the world can you hike up to a volcano and then go down inside it, eat bread that was cooked in boiling water under the sand, see magnificent waterfalls, experience Sky Lagoon, visit a few beaches, ride in a boat surrounded by icebergs, hike on a glacier, make a lot of new friends and eat butter off of rocks? Okay, that’s just another Spangler experience.

Kathy Edwards – Reimagining Education organization, Grapevine, TX

The beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people of Iceland was everything we had dreamed of and more! We loved everything about our experiences during our magical visit. As a science teacher, I found the geology of the region and how for centuries Icelandic people have utilized the land & environmental processes to survive & thrive quite intriguing. Renee, Steve, and the entire Spangler team planned every detail in order to make this a learning adventure that we will never forget. If you seek moderate to challenging hikes, indescribable geological formations, and genuine Icelandic experiences, well as developing friendships that will last a lifetime, then this is definitely the trip for you.

Teresa and John Nichols – Morton Middle School, Vandalia, OH

It’s amazing to me that a random group of teachers and their +1s could start this experience together as virtual strangers and end this experience together feeling almost like family. I’m especially grateful that you selected such a knowledgeable, professional, experienced team to guide us. Experiences like this help me to continue to grow and learn while connecting me to friends and colleagues all over the world with whom I can share my passion for teaching and learning! They restore my enthusiasm for returning to the classroom to tackle the challenges that await in the coming school year.

Ellen Peterson – Gillette Community College, Gillette, WY

I experienced earth’s processes, plate tectonics, continental drift, ecological succession, and climate change all in one “Best Day Ever” experience. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for amazing professional development. By the way, Steve Spangler renewed our wedding vows deep inside a volcano just outside of Reykjavik. Memories for a lifetime? Indeed!

Kelli and Jason Higgins – East Peoria Central Junior High, East Peoria, IL

Beyond amazing! The Spangler team did so much background research that every adventure was exceptional. Each day’s itinerary highlighted aspects of Iceland that made me truly appreciate the culture, the geography and the food.

Linda Starbuck – FM Day Elementary School, Westminster, CO

A remarkable experience from beginning to end. Everywhere I looked something new captured my attention – breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls, volcanoes – you name it. What an amazing experience!

Jackie Oberkfell – Forest Park Highschool, Atlanta, GA

Best Days Ever! Beautiful landscapes, knowledgeable guides, and wonderful people. The geothermal features of Iceland and the majestic glaciers made the fire and ice of this island hard to resist. Trolls, volcanoes, and icebergs – what else could you want?

Lisa DeWispelaere – Joliet Central High School, Lockport, Illinois

Nothing could have prepared us for the awe we felt while descending into a volcano or the satisfaction at accomplishing a climb up a glacier to drink rushing cold, clear water. Every day we were guided by the best natives around and our group became a family, traveling together to one amazing activity or place to another. It is unbelievable how much we accomplished in just a few days. Thanks to the Spangler team for the extensive work it took to design this unforgettable learning experience.

Ramón and Pati Pineda – Green Oaks School, Medellín, Veracruz, Mexico

Steve and Renee Spangler planned a journey that was flawless in its execution while gathering the best, most experienced Iceland experts to guide and direct our experience. Whether you’re a current science teacher wanting to bring this learning back to your students or a continuous learner yourself, this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Kendra Wetuski – Bear Branch Elementary, Kingwood, TX

It was a privilege to be a part of the inaugural Science of Iceland tour. This experience gets a full FIVE STAR review for many reasons. The pre-organization by the Spangler team was amazing. Our naturalists were of exceptional quality, with a depth of background knowledge, understanding and relatability. Their authenticity framed every experience with impact and significance. Bottom line – the Spanglers totally get it when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences that help teachers return to the classroom with a new level of hope and excitement for the future.

Lisa Heaton – Willow Creek Elementary, Englewood, Colorado