Montgomery Public Schools Making STEM Fun!

Alabama Educators Focus on Engagement Strategies Through Hands-on STEM Experiences

The Spangler workshop team was honored to get to work with K-5 educators from the Montgomery Public Schools in Alabama. Under the direction of Dr. Shaneice Williams, teachers are focusing their efforts on creating STEM experiences that pique the students’ curiosity, challenge their inquisitive nature and help to strengthen their critical thinking skills.

Teachers attended Steve Spangler’s Everyday STEM workshops in mid-October to experience first-hand the importance of creating experiences centered around is skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

The Spangler team returns to MPS for more hands-on STEM teacher workshops in 2024.

Here’s What Happens at an Everyday STEM Teacher Workshop

Learn more about Steve Spangler’s Everyday STEM workshop for K-8 teachers or STEM for Little Sprouts for early childhood educators.

Everyday STEM Workshop

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