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Whether you’re looking for a fun, in-person or virtual keynote presentation to kick-off your event, an engaging teacher workshop experience to meet your professional development needs for your district or school, or even virtual classroom presentation, you’ve come to the right place. Steve Spangler is a trusted education expert who can help you create learning experiences that engage, connect and boost student engagement.

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In-Person or Virtual Keynote Presentations

“From the moment our event started, Steve had everyone’s undivided attention with his crazy antics and amazing stories. Steve is as good online as he is in-person and delivered exactly what we needed. Funny, engaging and chock-full of super ideas. Rave reviews!”

As the country reopens, let us help you create an in-person or a live virtual experience that will have your participants laughing and learning while setting the perfect tone for your event. We’re excited to help you create an interactive experience that’s guaranteed to hit a home run.

Book a LIVE Virtual Teacher Workshop


“The virtual workshop experience Steve Spangler and his team created for our teachers surpassed our wildest expectations! The workshop kit allowed each participant to conduct the experiments along with Steve at home. Participants were eager to turn on their cameras to interact with Steve and show him their experiments. Without question, Steve Spangler has got virtual professional development down to a science.”

– Washington Elementary School District, 2020

We know that not all PD can happen in-person. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to create an incredible virtual experience from Steve’s studio in Colorado. Over the last 18 months, our clients have found greatest engagement and highest satisfaction ratings when their participants were given the opportunity to interact LIVE with Steve. Teacher workshops range from 90 minutes to a full-day experience.

Let us help you create an amazing STEM professional development experience (pre-K through 8th grade) with a one-of-a-kind professional development workshop experience from Steve Spangler.

Book a LIVE In-person Teacher Workshop


“Steve’s Everyday STEM Boot Camp moved the needle for our district and set the standard for professional development that’s content-rich, highly interactive and seriously fun. This experience inspired our teachers to rethink the way they create experiences in the classroom to change the way their kids see, think, feel and react to our STEM curriculum.”

-Terrabonne Early Childhood Department, 2021

Join STEM expert Steve Spangler for an intensive, one-day professional development workshop that is guaranteed to change the way you teach STEM forever. Explore best practices, instructional strategies and high-level engagement to strengthen skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Our event team will help you create an incredible STEM professional development experience for early childhood through upper middle school educators who are focused on helping their students explore new possibilities through STEM.

Amazing Phenomenon-Based STEM Lessons and Monthly Professional Development

Unlock the secrets to high level student engagement with Steve’s phenomenon-based lessons guaranteed to engage curious minds.

Student engagement just got easier thanks to our newest collaboration between Steve Spangler and the geniuses at Kesler Science. Our new phenomenon-based lessons build more connections, unlock more science and challenge young minds to engage through communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Best of all, you’ll be one step closer to having your students fall in love with SCIENCE… guaranteed!

Subscribe today and unlock a treasure of STEM content that is guaranteed to make your teaching easier and more rewarding.

Steve Spangler’s Super Cool Science Experiments for Kids

50 mind-blowing STEM projects you can do at home!

Steve Spangler’s Super-Cool Science Experiments for Kids is packed to the brim with fun science activities, demonstrations, nifty head-scratching tricks and science fair projects guaranteed to wow a crowd and get you hooked on learning. And the best part? Just about all of them can be done using materials you already have at home! 

But just because you can find some of these items in your kitchen, garage or medicine cabinet doesn’t mean they can’t reveal some of the mysteries of the universe with a bang, fizz, pop or all-out explosion of color!

Virtual STEM Conference for Teachers (K-8)

Science in the Rockies – STEM Conference
FALL 2021 Registration Open!

“The materials you sent me were AMAZING! Getting to conduct the experiments along with Steve as I watched the videos made all the difference in the world. You set a new standard for virtual PD. Exceptional experience worth every penny.”

  • STEM professional development experience (K through 8th grade)
  • Access over 17 hours of on-demand digital content for one year
  • Receive $500 of workshop supplies to conduct more than 75 hands-on experiments. Follow along with Steve just as if you were attending an in-person training.
  • Learn at your own pace – stop, rewind, play it again
  • Earn CEU Credits from Brandman University

Virtual Science Assemblies

“Steve Spangler’s science assembly knocked our socks off. The kids couldn’t believe that he really turned his kitchen into a science lab. Steve really has an ability to reach through the screen and connect with our students who laughed and learned the entire time. Ready to book the next one!”

With over 4,500 in-person school assemblies to his credit, Steve Spangler is considered one of America’s top presenters in elementary and middle schools throughout the country. The Spangler team offers a variety of 45-minute, theme-based science assemblies that are easy to share on any platform.

Let us help you select the perfect program to get started or inquiry about our multi-program discounts. Learn more

** LIVE science assemblies are available upon request – LIMITED DATES AVAILABLE

Virtual Classroom Visits

“My class of 4th graders couldn’t believe that they had 20 minutes with Steve Spangler all to themselves. Thanks for trying to connect with each and every student. You made everyone feel special.”

Booking a classroom visit is a great way to give your students one-on-one time with Steve to ask questions, share ideas or get the behind the scenes scoop on Steve’s latest projects. We’ll make it easy to get connected using our safe platform or our team can use the technology of your choice. Learn more

Personalized Video Message

“My daughter flipped out when she watched the message from Steve Spangler! Teaching her how to do a science magic trick was the perfect birthday gift (now her brother wants one). Thanks for making her feel so special.”

When you’re looking for that very unique gift or surprise, the people at Cameo created a very slick way to purchase a personalized video message from your favorite musicians, athletes, people from television… you name it. Steve was honored to partner with Cameo to fulfill requests from parents whose kids watch DIY Sci or fans from his online platforms.

Five Star Reviews for Steve Spangler

Steve’s energy is unmatched even through the computer screen. He really goes above and beyond to deliver a fun and educational presentation. You can tell he honestly enjoys interacting with people and sharing his skills. Steve and his team are a pleasure to work with through the scheduling and planning process.

Olivia / HubSpot

Steve Spangler absolutely knocked it out of the park at our annual conference. I can honestly say that our members didn’t know what hit them. They laughed, learned and engaged with your message of how to create amazing experiences in every aspect of our lives. How do we follow that? 

Diana Nelson / ProValue Insurance

What an amazing way to kick off our conference! Your keynote presentation hit the mark with everyone… especially my boss… who wrote, “Steve was fabulous – engaging at the highest level to inspire break though growth with Best Day Ever experiences.” 

Cindy Paskett / Lincoln Financial Group

Probably the best thing I did for my students in 2021! My concerns about a virtual presentation vanished as soon as Steve started… and my students were beyond excited to be a part of a Steve Spangler event.  The content was presented clearly, and the experiments dramatically provided the visuals that solidified the concepts.   Steve, and his team are organized, efficient, and helpful.  Their attention to detail made everything run smoothly.  I even received “Thank You” emails from parents.  Their kids were enthusiastically sharing what they experienced.   My concerns about a virtual presentation vanished as soon as it began. 

Debbie Vicksman / Cherry Creek School District

Signing up for one of Steve’s virtual workshops was the best decision! It has opened up so many opportunities for me and my students this school year. Steve is in this for all the right reasons-to help teachers. As a participant, you become part of a family of educators providing tangible science lessons for all learners! 

Karla Kramer / Seneca, Kansas

In a year where so many felt isolated, you brought such joy to the students during your virtual visit.  You have an incredible way of igniting a love of learning about STEM and sharing what excites you, which in turn excites the kids!  Your team was amazing to work with from the first connection to the virtual visit. They are incredible! I can’t wait for next school year when we can have you spend time with our classes again as it was a highlight of our year! Thank you!

C. Swatzky / Vice-Principal / [email protected]

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