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We just finished Season 5 of DIY Sci and wow – that last episode was so poignant. I volunteered for the blind, visually paired, and dyslexic from when I was 14 years old. You captured the emotion of learning beautifully. Please let the producers and Steve know that this episode was by far the most memorable!

April Alexandrow – DIY Sci Fan

Steve Spangler is part teacher, part carnival barker, and part master magician… and he’s amazing at all three! When it comes to getting people to fall in love with science, no one does it better.

Gary Shapiro – 9NEWS KUSA Denver

We just celebrated Steve’s 26th appearance on the show… if that tells you anything. Steve Spangler consistently produces amazing results every time he’s on the show. He understands television and how to show his passion for making science fun.

Chris Cucci, Producer, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

You’re a total pro on camera! Mentos soda geysers and exploding Pop Rocks made our Science of Candy segments over the top fun. I’ve never heard the crew so excited about a location shoot.

Liz Hostetler, Producer

Food Network – Unwrapped

If you are looking for energy and surprises on television, Steve’s the master at it. Who would have guessed that Steve’s original segment showing something fun to do with a roll of Mentos and a bottle of Diet Coke back in 2005 would make our 9News science guy an internet sensation? Steve Spangler’s approach to doing television is always fun and engaging both for our viewers and our on-air talent. Bottom line… Steve knows how to create fun and viral television experiences that viewers remember.

Patti Dennis, Vice President, News


Take it from someone who has worked with Steve on live television every week for the last 15 years… Steve knows how to create TV moments that viewers remember. Things fizz, pop and explode and so does the e-mail I get when he lights me on fire.

Mark Koebrich, News Anchor

KUSA-TV Denver

You gave us amazing television on Modern Marvels. One minute you’re talking about the science of super cold temperatures and the next minute we are all standing in the middle of a giant liquid nitrogen cloud. You’re a pro.

Kaylan Eggert – Producer

History Channel – Modern Marvels

The Doctors show staff loved working with Steve Spangler. His demonstrations were the perfect illustration for what we were trying to show our audience… and the visual on camera was great.

Chelsea Wright – Producer

The Doctors

Steve Spangler’s segments on News 10 were great. Ratings were high throughout the entire week. Best of all, I really appreciate his ability to work with our entire on-air morning team. Steve made them look like rockstars… and the viewers loved it.

Tim Geraghty, Vice President – News Director

KXTV News 10 Sacramento