Science of Iceland 2023

Steve Spangler Hosts Educational Travel Experience to Iceland

The Spangler team has a reputation for creating educational travel experiences that motivate and inspire participants to think differently about the world in which they live. In 2022, Spangler launched their first-ever educational travel experience in Iceland with a return trip in the summer of 2023.

The 9-day experience starts in Reykjavik and travels along the southeast coast to explore Iceland through the eyes of the country’s best environmental scientists, naturalists and science enthusiasts. There is nothing like this trip offered anywhere because of the world-class naturalists and educators that Spangler has assembled for this experience. The customized excursions, educational lectures, and elite access to the Spangler team of native Iceland experts are only available to Science of Iceland participants.

Learn more by visiting our Science of Iceland page or contact Renee Spangler at [email protected]


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