Virtual STEM Workshop – Teacher Professional Development at Home

Experience Steve Spangler’s hands-on STEM training for teachers from the convenience of your own home… and earn college credit!

We’ve captured Steve Spangler’s passion for teaching STEM and created an amazing virtual, hands-on science workshop for teachers… delivered right to your door.

  • Participate in more than 30 ready-to-use activities
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Receive a $50 hands-on science kit
  • Access all digital content for one year
  • Earn CEU credit from Brandman University
  • Certificate with hours of completion
  • All you need is an internet connection – no special software required

Earn a Certificate of 5 Hours – University Credit Also Available

Virtual STEM Boot Camp™ is like basic training—quick, intense, and excellent preparation for the real-world application in the classroom. Teachers, like students, learn best by doing. This is not your ordinary sit-and-watch teacher training. Steve will have you

is an active participation workshop from the very beginning. Through examples of classroom applications, you will learn how to reinforce scientific concepts through hands-on activities and how to develop inquiry-based activities that promote exploration and strengthen critical thinking skills. You will receive a hands-on workshop kit filled with gizmos, gadgets, and learning tools that will allow you to practice dozens of amazing and simple science activities with Steve during the workshop. The kit comes with a 65-page activity guide to help you implement what you learned at the workshop and to get your students excited about science.

We’ve captured 5 hours of high energy content and made it easy to access on the new Spangler Online Learning platform. The entire workshop has been divided into easy-to-manage learning segments that make it convenient to learn at your own pace. Start, stop and rewind to make sure you capture every aspect of this learning experience.

We just finished our virtual STEM workshop with you and so many of our co-workers commented they heard us laughing all day as they walked through the halls. I’ve been teaching 31 years and this is by far the best PD! I’ve always tried to make learning fun for my students, but wish I would have been introduced earlier in my teaching years. I’m not going to want to retire in a year!!

Denise DiSalvo Dupre – Septemer 2020

Best PD Experience in 31 Years of Teaching!

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“The best science teacher training I’ve ever attended… and it was online!”

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Registration Fee – $249

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Steve Spangler’s Virtual STEM Boot Camp™ will empower you to use inquiry-based learning to promote exploration, increase student engagement, strengthen critical thinking skills and make science even more fun and meaningful for your students. Steve shares his proven strategies for turning ordinary activities into an unforgettable learning experience that will take your teaching to a whole new level!

Click register and we’ll send Steve Spangler to you… so to speak. Over 20,000 educators have been trained in person as part of his live tour, and now you can discover the success of Steve’s instructional methods and hands-on approach without ever having to leave home!

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Here’s What You’ll Learn…

The goal of the professional development for science teachers is to introduce participants to a variety of science demonstrations, experiments, and thought-provoking ideas that are intended to challenge inquisitive minds and open the doors to further exploration. These activities will spur discussion and reinforce fundamental scientific principles that are commonly taught at the elementary level. Most importantly, the questioning in each activity will prompt students to think more like scientists and to solve challenging problems using the basic principles of scientific inquiry.

What’s going to happen? You will…

Receive a workshop kit to follow along with the activities at home
  • Participate in more than 30 ready-to-use science activities that are inquiry-based, standard-related, and kid-tested
  • Develop inquiry-based activities that strengthen critical thinking skills and challenge students to ask the important “Why?” questions
  • Use elements of the story line in popular pieces of children’s literature to teach and reinforce fundamental building blocks of your science curriculum
  • Discover ways to use attention-grabbing science experiments as daily writing prompts
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the real science behind all the fun activities
  • Use the “Failure Model” to teach the scientific method
  • Learn how to become a more effective science teacher without spending more money
  • Develop classroom safety procedures to protect yourself and students against common accidents
  • Turn ordinary science activities into unforgettable learning experiences
  • Learn how to become a more effective science teacher without spending more money

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Educator Registration Fee – $249 / Your registration includes a workshop kit – FREE SHIPPING!

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What Teachers Are Saying About Virtual STEM Boot Camp

It felt like I was in the room with the rest of the participants. Steve is a totally engaging presenter even when he’s online. Great workshop!

Nancy B. – Middletown, Ohio

My school district just enacted a “no travel” policy when it comes to professional development and this experienced solved my problem.

Wayne D. – Dallas, Texas

Steve’s workshop is NOTHING like any workshop I’ve experienced in the past. Fun, engaging and connected to learning standards that I’m required to teach.

Connie F. – Portland, Oregon

It’s hard to believe that I took one of the best workshops I’ve ever experienced while sitting in my kitchen. The only problem is that my kids kept interrupting me to show them what I was learning. That’s a good problem!

Stacey R. – Fairfield, Connecticut

Awesome workshop! Steve’s great ideas and his sense of humor make the 5 hours seem like nothing. I appreciated his passion and philosophy for science education

Robert K. – Greensboro, North Carolina

Definitely not a rehashing of old, tried and true primary kitchen experiments. The ” use it now” activities and curriculum connections presented in this workshop are worthy of spending personal time and money to experience.

DeNece Johansen – Alexandria VA

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