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Steve Spangler is the STEM specialist and science contributor at the NBC Denver affiliate 9NEWS KUSA.

Often referred to as the 9NEWS Science Guy, Spangler makes things fizz, pop, smoke, erupt all in the name of making science fun. Steve’s eye-catching science experiments are featured weekly on the 9NEWS Mornings and 4 O’Clock Show.

Steve Spangler joined 9News in 2000 as a weekly guest on the morning show. His segments with chief meteorologist Kathy Sabine taught viewers how to turn a trash can into a smoke ring launcher, create an indoor snowstorm or how to turn 40 liters of liquid nitrogen and a bucket of hot water into a cloud that engulfed the entire studio. Kathy’s contagious enthusiasm and uncontrollable screams spilled over onto the 4 O’Clock Show where Steve found yet another venue to share his weird science concoctions.

“As much as everyone loves the whiz-bang demonstrations, my favorite experiments are the ones that use the simplest materials that kids and their parents find around the house,” said Steve Spangler. “My goal is to inspire a mom or dad to use one of our fun experiments as a way to engage with their child at home. There’s nothing better than getting an e-mail from a mom who can’t wait to share her daughter’s achievement as the first place winner in the school science fair.”

Mark Koebrich and Steve teamed up for nearly 800 television segments before Mark’s retirement in 2016, and he was always game for any idea that Steve would pitch on Monday morning. “I think it’s best if you don’t tell me what’s going to happen. Let me be surprised and I think the viewers will love it,” Mark said. He was right… the viewers did love it.

In May 2015, Spangler celebrated his 1,000th episode of Spangler Science with his on-air friends at 9News.

Did you know… the now famous “Mentos and Diet Coke Explosion” was born on the 9NEWS 4 O’Clock show?

Spangler is probably best known for teaching millions of people how to turn an ordinary bottle of soda and a roll of Mentos into an erupting geyser of fun. The now famous video featuring 9News anchor Kim Christiansen and Steve Spangler launching soda geysers outdoors became one of YouTube’s first viral videos back in September of 2005 when the video streaming site was only three months old.

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