Back from Ellen – Covered in Cornstarch!

Spangler Ink Trick on Ellen

We just returned from taping the Ellen Show and we had a blast. As always, Ellen and her staff treated our entire team (four of us traveled to Burbank, CA in order to pull off the cornstarch demo) wonderfully. There are lots of pictures to share in the next few days and some fun things that happened as prepared for the Cornstarch Water Walk demo. There's also lots of chatter on the Ellen blog about people wanting to do the science demos they saw on television. We posted the links you need on our Ellen's Wild About Science page.

The web producers at the Ellen Show posted the video segments late this evening and the links are below…

Blinded Her With Science – A quick look at the classic iodine clock reaction and the exploding bubbles. As you might imagine, Ellen was wearing very good ear plugs and safety glasses.

Rehearsal Tape – People ask what rehearsal looks like. Here's producer Slade Abisror experiencing the exploding bubbles for the first time. If you can read lips, you know what his exact words were when the bubbles exploded.

Cornstarch Water Walk – One of the producers said, "Don't try this at home… unless you want to purchase 2,400 boxes of cornstarch and a giant tub." This sounds like a challenge!

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